Dear Syrian Refugees

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  • talesin

    To let fear be my decision-maker, would be the day i would rather hide my own face in a burkha. I live in a naval seaport, 2nd only to Norfolk, VA, on the eastern seaboard. That is, for NATO fleet ops, and military personnel .. that's no secret.

    But no one here is going to let the media frenzy whip us into a state of cowardice in which we refuse help to those who need it now. It's not the 1930s - the information highway demands our acknowledgement of the reality and urgency of the situation. We live beside, and work with, many people from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran, and most Arab lands, and I will not see their brothers/sisters/cousins et al suffer without extending a helping hand. I for one am happy to be Canadian on this day in history.

    Instead of contributing to the war machine, we are helping refugees and focussing our troops on training. So be it. Let us reclaim our Canadian values, and reject the cultural imperialism that threatens to wipe us from the world map. Vive le difference!


  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    I think it is good thing to help refugees and those that are fleeing persecution. America has a long history of accepting refugees accepting millions in the last century. I hope the fear will fade and our country will admit more than the 1,500 Syrians it has already accepted.

    Not sure that incendiary comments are going to sway anyone to your position. You just come off as smug.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Why should I help some deadbeat who's had lots of opportunity and advantage and pissed it away on drugs and booze? - I gotta admit, this is an excellent point.

    On a purely selfish level there are good reasons to welcome any influx of people from another culture:

    FOOD! - agree with this. And what about Arab women? I'm sure there are plenty of beautiful Arab women under their hijabs.

    Just look at welcoming refugees as a chance to speed up the culinary process and progress - we already have progress in the West. The onus should be on getting Syrian/Iraqi immigrants up to speed re progress.

    I hope it works out for Canada. It's a beautiful country and I'm sure most Syrian/Iraqi refugees are decent people. Canada certainly has the space to accommodate many refugees.

  • Heaven

    prologos said: without them getting jobs., particularly jobs that Canadians are not qualified for, or are unwilling to accept, doctors in unprofitable areas, starting businesses related to their unique, middle east skills. their energy.

    I do hope they are able to find work that they enjoy. If that is in areas where we have a shortage of skills then that would be an excellent fit. To have meaningful, enjoyable work is important for anyone. As for the food, count me in! Yuuuummmy!

  • Xanthippe
    There are seven million Syrian children displaced by this terrible conflict, many of them tiny orphans. They need warm clothes and blankets. If you're in the UK and you donate through UNICEF this winter the British government will double your donation. 👫👬👭
  • talesin

    If you think passion equates to smugness, then that is A-OK with me. I've had it to 'here' with the zenophobic haters who enjoy their ignorant stance.

    Whatever. Have a 'nice day', haters. I care not. :)

  • bobld

    This is a quote from T.Tucker

    "When the boat people arrived they did so with appreciation of our country,and our laws.When the Hungarians arrived they were thankful,and when the south American and central amercian nations arrived,they to accepted our countries values,and laws,they did not bring oppression(Niqab) they did not try to force new laws upon us (Sharia Law).So the bottom line is let the other Islamic countries look after them,frankly we really do not need them here".

    I may add from 1800 t0 1960 Canada brought in millions of refuges from all over the world and all accepted our values and laws. So what has changed.Remember the RCMP turban,air India,honour killings do these people accept our values.

  • OrphanCrow
    bobold: I may add from 1800 t0 1960 Canada brought in millions of refuges from all over the world and all accepted our values and laws. So what has changed.
    Remember the RCMP turban,air India,honour killings do these people accept our values.

    So, what is your point?

    That WE did not accept the values of the people who were here before we arrived?

  • prologos
    The new arrivals are done right, already have permanent residence status upon landing, right to work, more like regular immigrants, granted entry by jumping the que because their dire need. It is hard to draw parallels between the arrival of the white colonizers/ conquistadors to the massive wave of mono-religionists now. Experiences from Europe have shown it is not all positive, Rotherham vs Residential Schools?
  • talesin

    Umm, the turbans are worn by Sikhs, who are NOT MUSLIM.

    sheesh, don't make the rest of us look dumb, too.

    *rolls eyes*

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