Dear Syrian Refugees

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  • Heaven

    Daniel you make an excellent point about location and circumstance. We are very fortunate to live in this country.

    Years ago I worked with an Iranian student. He had fled Iran, escaping from the country. He was a very nice person, intelligent, a good worker, and very afraid for his life. He thought the Ayatollah Khomeni would come after him, drag him back, and torture him to death. I doubt many of us have had to live with this kind of fear.

    I hope our new Syrian-Canadian citizens will be able to make a good life for themselves here. I worry a bit about their future. I have not heard of any plans past about 4 years. I am not sure we can sustainably support these many people without them getting jobs. I hope they will be able to integrate, use their skills, and if needed, get re-trained to do something they enjoy.

  • prologos
    without them getting jobs., particularly jobs that Canadians are not qualified for, or are unwilling to accept, doctors in unprofitable areas, starting businesses related to their unique, middle east skills. their energy.
  • talesin

    The Syrians I know are a lawyer, teacher, chef. They are a hard working and well-educated people. Most Arabs are at least bilingual,and often trilingual. Most often their native language/dialect, french and english. The same is true with Chinese people, most of whom have studied english for years.

    Help can be needed with spoken English, French speakers may be more fluent in the spoken word.


  • redvip2000

    I'm all for helping others as well, but let's not go to the point of saying all of those who are not cared for in the US or Canada are deadbeats, drunks and bums.

    I still say that any country has a responsibility to care for its own first, just like a family should care for its own first as well. If those responsibilities are met, then it seems appropriate to care for others as well.

    Another point to consider is that we are not entirely sure all of these folks that are coming over, are actually coming from Syria, since many discarded they passports. Who are these folks? Refugees? Or a mix bag or people who are taking advantage of the situation to move to another country?

    Considering the fact that many are simply refusing to be taken in by countries that not on the top tier of development nations, it would seem it's not so bad at their country of origin. To those i say "f*ck you". If it was in my hands i'd ship all those back to the hell hole they came from.

  • OrphanCrow
    talesin: Something I was thinking, is that there may be many volunteers needed for ESL work, especially conversational English. Check with the local Library for that - they should have an ESL volunteer program there.

    I am on it, Talesin.

    Last week, I applied for a volunteer ESL tutor at the library and will be starting soon. I just had my intake interview today and I am waiting for a pairing with a learner and I might be doing some small group tutoring too.

    I probably won't be tutoring the Syrian refugees who are expected here shortly - we have a large backlog of immigrants who have been waiting for some time now - around 400 on the waiting list. I will probably have Asian learners as their culture is one I am familiar with. Our city has quite a diverse immigrant population...maybe I will do some work with Russians, too. My grandparents were Russian immigrants to this country and I miss the sound of the Russian voice.

    I have taught ESL before and it was very rewarding. I am pretty excited to be doing this.


  • talesin

    Good Stuff, OC!

    I've been volunteering in the ESL program here for a while, too. There are many Chinese these past few years, and about 1/4 from Arab countries. Looking forward to 2016 and seeing what happens.


  • Simon
    I still say that any country has a responsibility to care for its own first, just like a family should care for its own first as well. If those responsibilities are met, then it seems appropriate to care for others as well.

    That sounds more like an excuse not to care. How about everyone on the planet has a responsibility to care for it's own first ... why the arbitrary limitation based on geography of birth?

  • Quarterback
    It's moments like these that make me appreciate that I'm in Canada. I wish them all the best and welcome
  • cappytan
  • barry

    I agree with Simon new culinary delights from the middle east and plus sized belly dancers.

    Of course we have to ask the question. Once we have the recipe is there any reason for them to stay? Some people just fail to answer that question of course on JWD we all know the answer

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