2018-Message From Watchtower Informant!

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    I agree. When you have 8 million people in a database and know how many hours each of them do in the ministry every month, including and reproofs, df, appointments, ect, then you can hire some PhD's to go over the information with a fine-toothed-comb. You can get software to get algorithms to see, well like Gorby said, who is valuable to the org. To see what behaviors in the key data make one prone to apostasy. Who are the big givers of time and money in the org. The list goes on.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    I believe the policy is simply to draw a line in the sand of who is in and who is out. They won’t do anything with the info they have had or are requesting. They are litigious and know better.

    What they are struggling with is the level of devotion of members. You think they aren’t scouring this forum and Reddit and the like? They know they have internal moles and leakers on every level. Pomo, pimo,pimi...ad nauseam.

    They want a number and a report for anyone walking through the KH doors so they can maintain some internal intelligence far more precise than they have now.

    Congregations today have dozens of faders and inactive ones still on their books, factoring in to yearly statistics. They want to clean that disaster for them up. Get a better idea who might be derailing them. Not sure it will really help them. Likely there is some grand legal strategy behind it on their part. I don’t know what it could be.

    But they do make bad decisions and this might be something that ultimately bites them in the ass.

    I’ll wait patiently until the geniuses figure out what that means and exactly what we should do in an explicit and direct checklist. Please include all relative documentation including precedent and statutes of law.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    And to put this in perspective, Facebook compromised the data of half a billion people. I don’t think anyone would be fantastically interested in the data of 8 million window washers who don’t spend or vote.

  • Lost and adrift
    Lost and adrift

    I might be a bit slow I know lol ..but how would we ever know they had actually shown us all the data they had on us just because we requested it??🤔

  • stillin

    Everybody has secrets. Some very delicate stuff can come out in a Judicial Committee meeting. For instance, while being counseled for possibly drinking too much at a small get-together, a teenage daughter climbs onto your lap and deliberately pushes your buttons. Nothing came of it but you realized the threat and your own weakness. Like a fool, you openly confess this incident to the JC, and that you had already reproved yourself and are now straight with Jehovah. They nod wisely and let it go. The meeting is about your drinking anyhow.

    However, this is written into the JC report and years later, when the Society started getting serious about protecting the young, (aka themselves )elders were asked to report local child molestation incidents to headquarters. With an "abundance of caution" brother zealous remembers what you had said. He never liked you anyhow.

    So, 40 years later, everything is taking shape so that your champion organization can throw you to the wolves. All because you had a healthy conscience.

    Spirit-led Organization, my ass!

  • sir82

    Watch Tower has no right to demand you to sign a consent form. If
    elders are demanding that congregation members sign the form, this
    could leave Jehovah’s Witnesses open to being fined.

    I would bet my house that there will hundreds if not thousands of elders applying heavy pressure to the "sheep" to get the forms signed.

    But I suspect that only very rarely would any publisher think to "press charges" for such actions.

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    " Keep your friends close...keep your enemies even closer."

    Lifelong, recorded knowledge of private and personal details of both friends and enemies underscores the wisdom that "Knowledge is power".

    Sociopaths can destroy or reward people through what inside knowledge they care to reveal or conceal

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Regarding 7. and 8. which talks about Watchtower being fined for penalizing persons:

    It is also against the law in some countries to penalize someone for voting. Watchtower gets around this with the loophole of disassociation. When a JW votes they say the person disassociated themself - that the person simply chose to no longer be a JW by choosing to vote and they respect their right to no longer be a JW by making that choice. They can similarly use disassociation to punish anyone for anything regardless of what the law says.

  • Londo111

    A million thanks to the informant for all their work!

    I wish the laws in the US were such that I could take advantage of finding what data they have on me and removing it. I should have the right to revoke consent.

    Of course, any claims that there would be no penalties, Watchtower always finds a loophole. I suspect there will be penalties, but in court, they can minimize this with the usual smoke and mirrors.

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