2018-Message From Watchtower Informant!

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  • Atlantis
    From one of our informants inside the Watchtower. (Same person who
    sent us videos from the Legal dept., Accounting dept., Pioneer School,
    and so forth.) Atlantis told him that he is walking on a razors edge,
    to be extremely careful.

    His email message:

    1. Watch Tower has no right to demand you to sign a consent form. If
    elders are demanding that congregation members sign the form, this
    could leave Jehovah’s Witnesses open to being fined.

    2. Watch Tower currently retains information about members and former
    members with consent. The purpose for signing the consent form is to
    retain access to that data.

    3. Watch Tower retains more data about former members than existing
    members. This data they acquired without member’s knowledge or
    consent. They intend to retain this data whether or not a member signs
    the consent form. This is illegal but they hope that their "freedom of
    religion" card will give them immunity from this law.

    4. As many former members (disfellowshipped, disassociated or faded),
    should submit a formal data access request to the congregation(s) they
    served in and to their local branch.

    5. All members who have been reinstated within the last 10 years
    should also make a formal data access request.

    6. If there is any data that they have that you feel uncomfortable
    with them having, you should request that it be amended or deleted.

    7. Those who are current members who are either active or inactive and
    worried about being penalised for requesting access to and deletion of
    your data, please be aware of the following legal fact:


    8. Watch Tower and its cooperating entities will face large fines if
    they are found to be out of compliance with the law.

    scan 10001

  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    I think they will try to push it as long as they possibly can. As soon as they will have problems from the governments they might stop, but who knows when that will happen. From my experience I am certain that the Governing body doesn't care what brothers or sisters are thinking about them or this situation. They fully believe they are anointed (divine) ones and they can do whatever they want.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I can see where PIMO JDubs might want to stay under the radar, but anyone who is DF DA should demand copies of any data maintained about them, and subsequently demand it be destroyed. Then some time later again demand copies of their data and if there is any, then they have proof WTS has violated the law.

    Any active JW who has decided to refuse to sign the new consent form, should record any conversations that come as a result of their refusal.

    WTS always thinks they are above the (Caesar's) Law. It's always great to see the "long arm of the Law" come smashing down on the arrogant bastards. Monetary fines or penalties are the only way to motivate them to change. Follow the Money!

  • wannaexit

    Is this happening in Europe only or is it coming across to those of us i the US and Canada?

  • Atlantis


    This link might help. Look to your right on that page and click on some of the additional info.



  • mikeflood

    When someone says 'Watchtower informants' , that I think isn't true. Not top echelon is gonna leak any information. It's someone with really, really powerful hacker tools. But it's welcome, that way we know what's happening inside. Thanks.!

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Thanks Petra, Atlantis & Co. so very much - heroes of freedom.

    Might we use this thread to expand on your contacts important points ..

    #2 "...retains information on ...former members with consent."

    Did members from 70´s and 80´s ever give consent? if so, how?

    #3 "WT retains more data about former members than on existing members. ....without knowledge or consent ...they intend to retain this data."

    indicates WT is very concerned about the effects apostates are having on their social credibility and bottom line profits (hooray)

    I think THIS is their greatest liability - having documents on file like judicial records, character assessments, molestation complaints, homosexual witch hunts, interference in family relationships, etc. - that are freely shared among themselves and serve no legal purpose other than to label (gay,apostate, pervert, brazen etc.) and persecute those who exercise their lawful Freedoms .

    Apostasy, sexuality, association, expression are human rights, not a crimes and this fact needs to be laid bare before theocracies of any stripe in democratic societies.

    WT could pay a huge price for violation of rights in liberal countries.

    Comments ...

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    4. As many former members (disfellowshipped, disassociated or faded),
    should submit a formal data access request to the congregation(s) they
    served in and to their local branch.

    5. All members who have been reinstated within the last 10 years
    should also make a formal data access request.

    Unless I'm mistaken, such requests will incur a fee by the WTBTS for their "administrative costs."

    And since we know what the org's "drug" is, they will impose a charge.

  • Atlantis

    The Fall Guy:

    Sounds accurate to me. I think we learned some years back that there was a charge of about $20.00 dollars for administrative time and paperwork. Isn't that about right Fall Guy?

    I think previously some mentioned that they wanted their data with the Watchtower destroyed and the Watchtower charged them for this. I think jwfacts did this so I need his comments.

    Pretty sure Fall Guy is right on this, but it would be nice to have a scan of a receipt. Wonder if Paul might have one.

    Need another cup of coffee to get my old memory going.


  • Atlantis

    More Information coming in on this topic:

    When GDPR comes into effect on May 25, 2018 a person can request this data WITHOUT INCURRING ANY COSTS. Organizations have to provide that data freely and willingly.

    A comment was made that DA and DF people should request it but not faders or current members. No, the point is that under GDPR, organizations can not penalize anyone for requesting access to their data, revoking access to their data, requesting their data be amended or deleted.

    As there is no cost involved in getting access to this data and as Watch Tower are forbidden from penalizing members for doing so, we encourage every member in Europe who is interested in what personal data the corporation has about them.

    Does this apply to the US and Canada? Not currently. Watch Tower has created a privacy policy that they amend regularly and it applies to all regions, not just Europe.

    I'll keep posting if more info is received.


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