There is something I don't understand about the selling off of Kingdom Halls

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  • Spiral

    Tameria, I apologize, I didn't mean to say that you or others were dumb. A lot of people don't understand how property ownership works, or what the consequences of holding title means. You might learn about this kind of thing at school, at work, or by having the income and opportunity to buy and sell property and see how it works.

    What I meant was, many people in the congregation don't have the kind of experience, training, or education that would give them this knowledge or life experience. They just trust that the GB and the elders have their best interests in mind. And if you don't even know what the right questions are to ask, it's easy to be taken advantage of.

  • Finkelstein

    It was once an arrangement that each KH/Congregation was held in ownership to a set number of trusties that attended that Hall, but over the years in recent times the WTS. has been pushing and influencing Congregations to hand over the Land Title over to the WTS.

    When this happens of course the money made by the sale goes directly into the hands of the WTS.

    So yes at one time the Real Estate title and the KH building was own separately from the WTS but I would assume that there are very few that still are .

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Let me try to explain:

    Years ago former McDonald’s CFO, Harry J. Sonneborn, is quoted as saying, “we are not technically in the food business. We are in the real estate business. The only reason we sell fifteen-cent hamburgers (SEE? This WAS a LONG time ago!) is because they are the greatest producer of revenue, from which our tenants can pay us our rent.”


    McDonalds owns the properties ad the franchisees rent the restaurant from McDonalds.

    One difference between religion and burgers is that burgers are not invisible. Otherwise, the business models are similar. But religion has a lower overhead; no inventory, no waste, no salaries. In both cases the idea is to find a way to generate an income stream while you are waiting for your properties to appreciate.

    I leave it to you to tell me which leaves a better taste in your mouth.

  • LV101

    Nathan - LOLOL - perfect. I love your business101 quick lessons.

  • minimus

    The Watchtower is a business not a religion.

  • steve2

    The Watchtower is a business not a religion.

    It would be more accurate to say JW organization is a religious business. Some of the most profitable businesses in the world are religious groups or institutions.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Steve, what would we do without you "clarifying" what has already been said?

    You are the wizard of overlapping explanations!

  • label licker
    label licker

    Can you really trust the organization who builds a hall using fr$$ labor, dedicates it to Jehovah and then sells it later? Just a bunch of thieving Indian givers!

  • Vidiot
    EmptyInside - "The Watchtower claims the profits are going to help build halls in other countries."


    Said "halls" end up being in dirt-poor African countries, where all a church has to be is a glorified gazebo that costs 50 bucks and handful of local elbow grease.

  • minimus


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