Interesting but sad video

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  • under the radar
    under the radar

    I watched the videos with great interest. I have JW relatives in that general area, but none were involved with her situation as far as I know.

    In one video, she says she's gonna post her dad's mug shot, but I never saw it. Does anyone know her dad's name? I'm trying to find any news accounts of the trial or even the trial transcript itself. So far, I haven't found a trace of it except in the videos.

    If anybody has a link to the trial transcript or any detailed account of the trial, I'm sure there of lots of us who'd appreciate your sharing it. Should be interesting reading...

  • ToesUp

    LoveUniHateExams and under the radar.

    I sent you a PM.

  • Biahi

    Under the radar, I think his last name is Cook, don’t know his first name.

  • orbison11

    I have been following this young lady.....quite the story

    unfortunately when i went to the link you provided it now says

    video unavailable ......i think i will do some searching for her

  • ToesUp

    She has a You tube channel called Bravely you.

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