Here's a morbid thought...

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  • punkofnice

    Nah. The GB won't get a continued flow of money like that. They want live drones.

  • Vidiot

    Directing mass suicide?

    The WT leadership doesn't have the balls.

    Telling the loyal R&F to go "underground" while said leadership buggers off to some eastern European country with no extradition in order to avoid prosecution, though?


  • scratchme1010

    Frankly, this is one of my nightmares. I know it seems improbable now, but keep in mind that even Heaven's Gate explicitely taught that suicide was wrong.. until Applewhite got his new orders from the saucermen. It wouldn't be hard to pull off either. The Org has a very efficient private grapevine that allows them to swiftly and discretely communicate with any congregation in the world. No need to publish anything in the official publications. It could be done in a matter of hours.

    It's a real possibility. Cults do have people make decisions they would never otherwise made for themselves or their loved ones. However, that said, I don't think that that's the WT's style. It's not in their best interest, as of now to have people take such drastic measures.

    Remember, the WT has a real estate business. They are flourishing and growing financially, so there's no need to have their crop killed (yet).

  • prologos

    judging by the way the more lucid JWs in this neck of the woods implement wt suggestions, threats, There would not be, like at the memorial, any partakers of The Poison Potion either, multimillionaires, spending their money on self satisfaction, providing into the far future, not to be interrupted by wt weariness.

  • Nevuela

    Thank you, Listener ! I was waiting for someone to dig that old gem up!

  • longgone

    That is a morbid thought, and still scares me to think about. Here's why. It's a strange coincidence but it's quite similar to something that went through my mind earlier this year, several times actually. It was shortly before my fade, my heart is pounding a little now, but I have to say it. I'm pretty embarrassed, but it will help me, and perhaps someone unfamiliar with the organization will read this entire thread and realize how dangerous the mind control the WTS employs could potentially be. I DON'T think they would actually do such a thing, but this is how I was thinking. Like I said, I had been "waking up" as the saying goes for several months. One afternoon following the Sunday meeting I must have subconsciously realized something really wrong was going on at the meetings. I pictured the whole thing just the way it was described in the opening post, I imagined they said those very things, the speaker saying new light, etc. Then brothers handing out pills going row by row like they do at the Memorial. My next thought was, "Would I take them if this actually happened?" I pushed it out of my mind, but it came back as the weeks went by. I can tell you it was terrifying to think about something that weird. I had been telling my non-jw adult daughter for several months previously how wrong so many different things seemed. One day after venting again about it, she looked at me, paused then said "Mom, it's a cult." Just like that. I started shaking my head and saying quietly, "no, no, they say.." I was about to repeat verbatim what the Reasoning book had said under that section on how to reply at the door when a householder brings up a question. I realized at that moment a cult is of course going to say it isn't a cult! I felt so humiliated inwardly, and then she said pedophilia was going on, and that was it for me. I went to the library, borrowed some books about cults, then dared to look on the internet for info about JWs. Fortunately, I found JWFACTS right away. I then went to a few more meetings just for appearances, etc. (I previously posted a couple months ago on details, but that's irrelevant here.) After I was out completely, I told my daughter about my imaginary story and said that I really wonder if I would have taken the pills or not. She said, "You would have Mom, you would have." So there it is, I'm really embarrassed, I thought about posting about this a couple months ago, but I decided it was such a far fetched stupid thing for me to think in the first place. I guess maybe it wasn't so far fetched after all. I hope no one here will make fun of me for saying what happened, but I guess I would deserve it. Nevertheless, I think there is strong mind control going on by the leaders, and it's criminal how many lives they have/are ruining.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    I stand corrected. However, I still think the GB's dictatorial style of leadership is totally inconsistent with the humility that should naturally follow from a genuine admission of fallibility.

    If the GB is fallible, then they are no more worthy of obedience than any other self-appointed body of men and JWs should have the freedom to either accept or reject their pronouncements as their concience directs them.

  • jookbeard

    the suggestion wouldn't surprise me at all, would the millions of R&F do it? no they wouldn't especially in the wealthy developed first world, firstly deep down a vast percentage of them are extremely secretly materialistic, many enjoy comfortable lifestyles, have nice houses, nice cars,good careers, have nice holidays,have kids in collage, mortgages etc, would they throw those trappings away to drink the Kool Aid? not in a million years, we would would see schisms and offshoots of the WTS formed almost immediately, plus the authorities would not want another WACO siege on their hands, the HQ and their other important properties would be seized, we know how the anonymous decision makers behind the curtain view the value of their assets,how many times do we hear that being a jw is just like a membership of a "country club?"

  • ttdtt

    Kinda goes against 100 years of teaching that the Great Crowd will survive the big A and just about everying else JWs believe.

    Also there is NO motivation for the GB to ever do that.

    Just silly.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Rainbow_Troll ยป If the GB is fallible, then they are no more worthy of obedience than any other self-appointed body of men and JWs should have the freedom to either accept or reject their pronouncements as their concience directs them.

    This is why Jesus gave the parable about blind guides leading the blind. If the leaders and followers are both blind, both will fall into the pit.

    On the other hand, no one's perfect. Even Paul, an apostle with authority from God, had some notions that clearly were his own fallible ideas based on his own strict Jewish background. If I were a JW, I wouldn't expect perfection from the Governing Body, but I would expect them to be led by the Holy Spirit in a way that would benefit the organization.

    But the GB offers interpretations of scripture (blood doctrine, Armageddon, Jesus=Michael) that could be known only through communication with God, as none of the Society's teachings in those areas is clearly spelled out in the Bible. If the GB is not inspired; if the spiritual food is not "perfect spiritual food," that means sometimes they'll be wrong and I, a lowly congregation member, might actually be right. But none of those things the Society teaches may be right, yet none may be argued or discussed openly.

    The Bible doesn't answer all questions. How does one baptize? What about the laying on the hands for the gift of the Holy Spirit? What of church offices? What does a bishop do? What does an elder do? Or a priest? Deacon? How are these offices administered? What about ordination, how is that done and by whom? Paul said the priesthood had been changed. How? What did Jesus do and say during the 40 days he spent with the apostles after his resurrection?

    And there are many more. That's because the Bible isn't a manual. Christians largely worship on Sunday, the first day of the week; but where is that authorized in the Bible? Exactly? How do we know the Sabbath was changed.

    None of these things is answered, so if the GB is uninspired and fallible, how can it give the household of God the spiritual food it needs? What is its purpose except to interpret? What if it's wrong on the great crowd? What if it's wrong that Jesus chose them in 1918?

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