Our assembly expenses were $16,900 for ONE DAY - Please share yours

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  • jookbeard
    why does the circuit have to pay the travel expenses of travelling speakers, cant the branch pay?
  • freemindfade
    why does the circuit have to pay the travel expenses of travelling speakers, cant the branch pay?

    Because if the branch pays, suddenly traveling expenses wouldn't cost as much, capisce?

  • wannaexit
    In my parts, it averages about 12 dollars cn per person attending. So the last assembly I believe the cost was close to $10,000 for one day for 780 people.
  • StarTrekAngel
    $8,300 on our last one day assembly. Sums in excess of $10,000 is not unheard of for our 3 day assemblies.
  • sir82

    Only $7.35 per person, you guys got off cheap.

    At ours they charge $10 a head.

  • sloppyjoe2
    The per person charge is the "profit" they make. Actual expenses are tallied into that total cost that are read at every circuit assembly. The entire amount is not the per person cost. The actual expenses are put into that total and THEN they add the per person cost. That per person cost is pure cash money to the branch.
  • tim3l0rd
    Orangeburg, SC (finished within the last 3 years) - approx 2,200 attendance - $22,000 cost
  • whathappened

    I used to attend that assembly hall in Romeoville, IL. I thought the building was too commercial looking. It is gigantic and has a big outdoor area that is very high maintenance. No wonder the expenses are so high. Whoever set that assembly hall up definitely didn't keep their "eye simple." This seemed like a waste of "dedicated funds" to me at the time, even though I was still deeply into the org.

  • flipper
    Wow. I haven't attended in over 13 years - but this sounds like big time extortion of rank & file publishers to me ! Without any real proof of these alleged " expenses " - I wish to hell some " conscious class elders " who know TTATT would ream these WT leaders a new a-hole and sue for these supposed " expenses ". If you are out there and reading this - DO IT ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper
  • Helpmeimfadibg
    That works out to $7.45 a person. For our family of 4 we would have to pay $30 to pay our share. That is rediculous.

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