Need some advice, my gf just tried to commit suicide (very long post)

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  • Vidiot

    Hoo boy.

    Dude, this is dramarama you really don't need in your life. Trust me, I know.

    My advice? You have seriously legitimate reasons to break it off, so pull a Pontius Pilate, wash your hands of the matter, and walk away.

  • blondie

    Thanks for filling us in, jayk. It sounds like you are on the right track and her family are not finding out her difficulties for the first time. I have learned we cannot fix someone else, only they could do that with the willingness to invest themselves in their treatment and accept support from their willing family. Now, be sure you get help for yourself.

    Love, Blondie

  • Giordano

    Until you have a better understanding of her emotional and mental issues you also need to be aware that without any control over her emotions she could be dangerous to you.

    If she is more then willing to hurt herself she could physically turn on you. You'll need to talk with her mother and try to learn as much about her problems as you can especially if you want to continue in the relationship or at the least to offer her your friendship.

  • Jayk
    I'll start by saying I do believe Tim. He seemed sincere, and didnt get defensive about me asking him. He could have lied said "nothing happened" and if I didnt believe him then that's my problem. For what it's worth they couldn't stand each other but that doesn't mean things couldn't have happened. Her family has been dealing with her behavior for awhile. This isnt her first outburst/attempt in her life. In the past 6 months its actually her 2nd suicide attempt. I cant tell you if it's a cry for help or a cry for attention hence her saying "you better call a ambulance I just swallowed a bunch of pills" then proceeded to swallow more. She is diagnosed bipolar, that could be from her physically abusive father that also gave her everything(as weird as that sounds) or her PTSD ( about 4 years ago she was jogging real late one night in a bad side of town) that's all I'll say about that. She deff needs professional, she knows she needs it, but refuses to accept the advice.
  • Billzfan23

    technically, it was self defense. I mean, she wasn't killing herself, merely killing the person that was trying to kill her

  • DesirousOfChange

    Get the fuck outta there.

  • Jayk
    You might be onto something Billzfan.. But in all seriousness my roommates gave me credit for how calm I stayed during the whole fight.
  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    An opinion: Walk away from Sara. She has her family and doctor who know her and to support her. Not your monkey, not your circus. Hard but true.


    get thyself to a therapist experienced with people leaving cults. Get your self the help YOU need to build a great life. Then when you are in that good place, love will find you.

  • krismalone

    She needs mental and emotional help. After she gets that help and the atmosphere is somewhat calm and rational, address the issue in a calm manner.

    If you plan to marry her and have her as your lifelong companion and possibly have children, you will need to understand that this incident of taking her life and making allegations to manipulate you will very likely repeat itself.

    At the end of the day make a decision that will make you happy and have peace of mind.

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