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  • LisaRose

    Americans are somewhat losing their regional accents, too many people move around and also due to the influence of television. My parents were from Texas, but they moved to California and consciously got rid of their accents, Texans were looked down upon at that time (late forties), but I could still pick it up from a few things my dad said, likes hep instead of help. A Texas twang is similar to southern, but not exactly. In Texas when you walk into a store the clerk will always say "how ya'all doing?", it's very cute. I am a California girl, so no accent.

    If you want to hear a distinctive American accent, watch the movie Fargo. They got a North Dakota/minnesota accent down. Not as distinct as a southern accent, it's as much the words they use as the way they say it don't-ya-know.

  • slimboyfat

    Fargo is that a Midwest accent then? Like Sarah Palin? Or west of Midwest? I'll need to check it out. This video I thought is pretty good, this Amy Walker has got a good ear.

    Her Scottish is reasonably good. And different London accents sound pretty good too.

    Californians are only joking about having no accent, no?

  • Simon

    North Americans move about a lot more than the UK so the dialects aren't quite so local - you can tell not only a Manchester accent for instance but which particular part of Manchester. That's changing in the UK as well but the US was just a bit ahead in mobility.

    When we first moved over here we got asked if we were Australian quite a lot. Now we make the same mistake! English accents on the train or at the pub suddenly seem so strong and almost cartoonish.

    I have to put on an accent when I go to Subway because if you say Tomah-toh they don't understand what it is and you need to say Tomay-doh (WTF people?!?). Hey, I think I'm saying it right and posh - it's not like I said "tomaah-ah" like I would back in Salford.

    Occasionally I get blank stares even off my friends and they don't know what I'm saying.

  • ShirleyW

    I'm just trying to figure out how you hear an accent when Better Midler speaks, no accent there at all

  • slimboyfat

    No accent where I come from either, just standard:

  • Dunedain

    Anywhere i go in America, and even outside the U.S., everyone can usually tell that I am from NYC/NJ area. I have, at least to the rest of the country, a distinct Brooklyn/Italian, NYC accent. Its a "localized" Staten Island/Brooklyn accent.

    In fact, when i am in New Jersey, which is where i live now, New Jersey people can actually tell that i am from Staten Island NY. I sound different, and specific, to them, but to people from other parts of the country, I just sound like an Italian American from NYC.

    Where i am from, Staten Island/Brooklyn, there is really no other group that sounds like us. We are distinct, NY accent, all by itself. It is, probably, do to an isolated population being "trapped" on a single "island", and one specific national group, Italian American.

    In fact, even the Italians that came to NY, directly from Italy, and still speak mostly Italian, have their own Italian dialect. It is not spoken ANYWHERE else in the world, except Brooklyn/Staten Island. It is a mix of mostly Italian words, mixed with English "slang" words, and expressions, unique to NYC. One of my ex-girlfriends father spoke it. Italians coming directly from Italy, could NOT speak this form of Italian/English. It is just spoken by Italian speaking, "old timers", who have been in America/NYC, for years, but never fully learned English.

    Now, back to my NYC/staten Island accent. To most New Yorkers, i actually have a very "mild" accent, but to the rest of the world, they know i am from NY when i speak.

  • slimboyfat

    I think New York is my favourite accent. Like Elaine from Seinfeld?

  • scary21
    I don't think Elaine has a New York accent at all. Now that I think about it, all the shows that take place there, none have the real New York accent. IMO On TV I don't hear a lot of accents they all sound west or mid west.
  • barry
    I stayed with some Americans in California but that was a while ago. I'm Australian but I don't have an accent I remember driving down the road with a cute blond american girl and she says to me ' Just keep talking to me I don't care what you say I just love the sound of your voice' I was happy to oblige.
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Yes us aussie's have the sexiest accents...mate!

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