Looking for an original copy of The Finished Mystery 1918

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i cant understand for the life of me why anyone would want one of those books--let alone--buy one -???

    it takes all sorts i suppose.

  • blondie

    Actually, it was a copy of the Finished Mystery that opened my eyes a great deal, the ideas were so different from the ones in the 80's, I found the part that was the offending part (not cut out or revised) and it made me look closer at the Proclaimers book which buried that part of history in an unrelated part of the book.

    It led me to read all the books past that time up till the 50's which I had. I read them in published date order so I saw the gradual adjusting of their beliefs. When I went hunting for the books it was on the cusp of the internet, so I got mine through old bookstores and through a friend good at finding them. I did not pay any more than $10 a book. Randy Watters used to sell old WT books at a fairly low price to keep his website going.

    I was learning from my history and the history of my family back to my grandparents in the 1920 when they became Bible Students.

    That and the lack of love I saw in the organization, keeps me out, not tempted to ever go back. It has helped me to help others leave, readers on JWN and other websites.

    I read books now that purport to be non-fiction, ideas I don't always share, to learn where other people are coming from. Some I put down soon, realizing there I am looking for the kernel of corn in the crap like the birds do in the manure spread on the fields.

    I kept everything that is not on the WT-CD. One of my mottos is: Hang them with their own words.

  • Damascus

    on amazon.co.uk for 99p kindle book or 18.55 but obviously not the original

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