Evolution is a Fact #20 - Lucy in the Sky ....

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  • Mephis
    What could be an idea is to gather together all the intelligent design ideas from around the world and across history and give them their own place on an academic curriculum. We could call it something like, I don't know, religious studies.
  • cofty
    Some of us are just not convinced - thelib

    That's because you are not familiar with the evidence, and you think that if you did investigate it properly, it would be a threat to your religious beliefs. Millions of intelligent christians accept the fact of evolution. It is just a minority of American fundies and most Muslims that reject it.

    You claim to have read a bit about evolution but then you go and say "And that became this because they needed it." Only somebody who didn't understand page 1 of a basic book on evolution could say something as ill-informed as this.

    You are impressed by the charlatans at the Discovery Institute. Meyer, Behe et al are creationists who pretend to have a scientific foundation for ID in an effort to get religious dogma taught in American schools. Their dishonesty was exposed in Kitzmiller v Dover.

    All of their criticisms of evolution have been refuted thoroughly. Do the research.

    You have made the same mistake that JWs make when somebody points out a flaw in their doctrines. They quickly check that the GB have commented on it somewhere and assume it has been answered without bothering to try to understand the issue.

    "I need more proof!"

    For example?

    I notice you haven't said a word about the evidence. Have you read the other 22 posts in this series? None of them take more than a couple of minutes to read. If you genuinely reject the evidence for common ancestry then please be honest about it if you are ever called for Jury duty. The evidence is of exactly the same sort that is used to convict rapists and murderers and establish paternity.

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