Big events/developments which Bible failed to foresee!

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  • sir82

    It had to be horrendously embarrassing for the WTS and F. Franz in particular (who was still alive at the time) when the USSR was obliterated, no longer in existence.

    The "King of the North", gone in a (relative) flash.

    Oops, didn't see that one coming!

    WTS theology has been in a steady state of decline (not that it had far to go) since then.

  • Vidiot

    @ sir82...

    I remember thinking that, too.

    What do you do when your venerated Cold-War-centric End Times script ends up with nonexistent (or powerless) bad guys? Some of 'em had to have been wondering, "WTF? Do we have to do a page-one rewrite, now???"

    I can totally see some of the current bunch feeling really conflicted about the current state of affairs with Russia...

    ...both dismayed at the loss of property and religious freedom, yet relieved that their old (ex-)Soviet supervillain nemesis might be making a comeback and giving ol' Freddy Franz's cosmology a much-needed shot in the arm...

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