Big events/developments which Bible failed to foresee!

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  • venus

    Though Bible made prophecies about “wars and rumors of war, famines and earthquakes, and persecution, hatred …” as signs of “Last Days” (Mathew 24:6-11) which are neither specific nor extra-ordinary given the history of such events, it failed to foresee the positive development such as communication revolution (e.g. TV, Internet, mobile phone …) which is also favorable to preaching activity—the whole world can be preached to within a matter of hours. [Bible writers thought it would take at least 21 centuries for the whole world to be preached to.—Mathew 24:14]

    Even though global warming and subsequent sea-level rise are extremely favorable to eschatology which is one of the key subjects of Bible, still they find no mention in the Bible. Interestingly, more details are coming up with regard to this subject such as danger to the fishes in the sea: “Warmer waters increase fish's need for oxygen but climate change will result in less oxygen in the oceans. This means that gills have less oxygen to supply to a body that already grows faster than them. The researchers say this forces fish to stop growing at a smaller size to be able to fulfill their needs with the little oxygen available to them. Some species may be more affected by this combination of factors. Tuna, which are fast moving and require more energy and oxygen, may shrink even more when temperatures increase.”

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Oh, but the Bible DID predict technological and industrial revolutions. Didn't Rutherford divinely interpret the Leviathan of Job chapter four to be a steam locomotive??? Marvelous. Just marvelous insight given of the future by this ancient Hebrew gang of goat herders. How did they know?

    God. That's how.

    New light: The forbidden fruit eaten by Eve was actually a miniature spicy tuna roll foreshadowing the warmer waters of the 21st century that cause fish to shrink in size.

  • Jehalapeno

    One big glaring thing that the Bible never talked about which bothered me was the rise of the Khans.

    Killed more of the population of the planet than any other empire.

  • punkofnice
  • Confusedalot

    During my "everything is symbolic-conspiracy" phase I believed that the frogs in Revelation 16 represented our internet connected devices(communication revolution) that are everywhere and expose us to satanic influence, see also Exodus 8.

    Hey maybe that is why some presidents use twitter.

  • venus


    I admire your deep sense of humor. Looking forward to more of it.

  • EverApostate

    If Bible was really the word of God, at least the following should be contained in the Bible:

    Germ theory - Reason behind how germs, bacteria and pathogens attack or benefit other living things.

    Astronomy - Should have mentioned the simple science of this solar system, planets, stars and galaxies.

    Physiology of human body- How the human body (At least humans) works and is made up of.

    Rather, there is nothing beneficial for mankind about the following that are mentioned:

    Earthquakes, Famines, Diseases are caused by sins, slaughter, blood shed, incest, talking snakes and donkeys, Solomons 600 wives and 300 concubines, Genealogy of Jesus(Contradiction here again) and other nomads, women inferior to men, a hypothetical ransom sacrifice…..

  • Vidiot

    The Bible also failed to predict that its predictions would fail.

  • venus

    interestingly, there is something that happened more than what it predicted: appearance of christian sects. It simple predicted many sects would come, but it may not have thought it would be more than 40,000

  • Vidiot
    venus - "...It simply predicted many sects would come..."


    That's like "predicting" it's gonna rain eventually.

    Or that rabbits would multiply.

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