Less facial hair? More spirituality!

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Brilliant tbk! 👍

  • Vidiot

    @ snakeface and BourneIdentity...

    I agree, he does look better with the beard (and I say this as a man with a beard :smirk:)

    Despite the history of the WTS's (soft) prohibition on facial hair and its original reason, I've also long suspected that this is another factor...

    ...I don't think the Org really wants its members - male or female - to be too physically attractive.


  • steve2

    Here is the actual origin of the modern-day clean shaven male JW:

    Rutherford despised any remnants within the organization that idolized Russell and who clung to the Bible Students' Russell-copying persona. It is no coincidence that it was Rutherford who modelled the clean-shaven look (no sideburns, moustache, goatee) and under his aggressive leadership, those brothers who had beards were passed over for privileges and/or sidelined. Rutherford and his "spiritual" hencemen expected no less than total obedience.

    Brother, do you want to get ahead in this organization? The beard has to go.

  • tiki

    I will never understand their stance on facial hair. It is a normal part of male adults. They don't insist the ladies shave their legs do they? Or how about armpits? I will stop there ......

  • blondie

    more spirituality = doing everything the WTS/GB says and quickly.

  • snakeface

    This cult focuses on the wrong things.

    I know several very conservative Baptist pastors who are now in their 80s and a few in their 90s. Back in the day, all males would wear suits to church. The ladies wore dresses. Ladies wouldn't dare to wear pants to church. We know this is not the case today. Women wear pants to church, even jeans. Men also wear jeans to church. Some men have long hair, and pierced ears. You will also see tattooed people in church. I asked these old, conservative pastors what they think of this. Their answer was, " I am just grateful that they come I don't tell my people what to wear and what not to wear. They come here to worship and to hear God's Word being taught, not to be controlled by any spiritual leader."

    If only the WT had the same viewpoint.

    The NWT translates Jesus' words at John 7:24 this way: Stop judging from the outward appearance, but judge with righteous judgement.


    They forget to mention that after shaving he was no longer interested in men, but married the sister at the literature cart. They are now regular full-time servants and love the Missionary position. He is an Elder and their two year old son is progressing towards baptism.


  • Vidiot
    Data-Dog - "...their two-year-old son is progressing towards baptism."


  • Finkelstein

    Shaving off a man's bread has been analogous or symbolic with clean righteousness.

    I think this may have come from J Rutherford's personal appearance not having a beard.

    The WTS leaders wanted its public representatives to look clean, honest and righteous, distinct from worldly sin and uncleanliness.

    So you may not get Dfed for having a beard and not allowed to go out in service or give talks at the Kingdom Halls.

    ......you are deemed and look upon as being spiritual weak.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Absolutely no hair !!! ANOINTEDImage result for image of bald men

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