Daughter joining JW

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  • Longlivetherenegades

    Captives of a concept comes to mind.

    Did she needs to be a member of the organization WTBTS to be SAVED?

    If she understands that question enough to see how irrelevant being a member of the organization really means.

    Allow her to proceed.

  • carla

    Good point Atlantis! however, in my experience most jw's don't seem to know this. Or they flat out lie about it so they sound more mainstream? They claim Jesus is their 'king' but not their mediator or is in a 'sense' and then go on to such convoluted nonsense nobody knows what they are saying anymore including themselves.

  • Atlantis


    You are absolutely right!


  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    I agree with the Mediator approach others are suggesting. Be prepared for them to claim Jesus is their mediator though, even though the Watchtower says that he isn't.

    The way they rationalize rejecting Jesus as Mediator is by claiming that because they say prayers in Jesus name, they claim that makes him their Mediator. Be prepared to read Hebrews 9: 15 to refute that - "Christ is the mediator of a new covenant"

    Here's the approach in action:


  • shepherdless

    My advice to Gary would be that, given he has already provided his daughter with info, and the daughter is still studying, then there is not much else that can be done, apart from keeping in contact.

    Why would a 50 yo lady start studying? Probably lonely, or in need of some company, or being manipulated. Such a person will not pay much attention to intellectual arguments.

    I think Gary should just maintain contact, agree not to discuss religion, if need be, and hope his daughter works it out.

  • gary

    shepherdless. that's about what I was thinking. they have so many rules I was just wondering if she would even be able to talk to me since I'm a none jw. I have four children they was all raised Jehovah Witness by there mother. luckily they all rejected that religion when grown. but my oldest daughter is going back I guess. so I will just see what happens thanks everybody for the advice. I just found this website a few days ago.

  • shepherdless

    Gary, yes I am in the same situation, although you are a couple of decades ahead of me. We also have 4 kids, so there are 6 of us under the one roof. I intend to do a new post on how this is all playing out.

    Just to add to what I posted above, there are lots of very good intellectual arguments that should in theory persuade a JW to leave. You can see lots of them at jwfacts.com

    However, most JWs are immune to intellectual arguments, because (unbeknownst to themselves) they are there for emotional not intellectual reasons. Further, a non-JW trying to persuade a JW using scripture etc will inevitably fail, as the moment a non-JW does not use the exact correct word or theological terminology, their credibility is shot.

    As long as you don’t actively discuss religion with your daughter, you are not a threat. In fact, you are a potential “Bible student”, yourself, in their eyes. And keeping in contact with your daughter is probably the best thing for her, as it would keep her grounded to reality. She may one day suddenly work it out for herself, or she may not.

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