Superb advice from the WTBTS!

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  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus
    (Insight Vol. II pages 754-755)
    The help of God’s spirit is necessary for real discernment and understanding of God’s Word. (1Co 2:9-16) To get understanding and other benefits, a person must approach the reading of God’s Word with an open mind, throwing aside all prejudice and preconceived opinions; otherwise his understanding will be veiled... (2Co 3:14-16) Superficial reading is not enough. The reader must put his heart into it, be absorbed in study of the material, meditate deeply upon it, and seek to benefit from it personally.—Pr 15:28; 1Ti 4:13-16; Mt 24:15"

    This is a fascinating statement from the Insight volume. I accept that "The help of God's spirit is necessary for real discernment and understanding of God's Word." So why is it assumed that this discernment and understanding can only he had as a result of reading the publications of the WTBTS /GBoJW's. The cited scripture (1 Co 2:9-16) underpins that the WT publications are surplus to requirements. So too does the "fully competent, completely equipped" statement of 2 Tim 3:17.
    I also accept that I should read scriptre with an "open mind, throwing aside all prejudice and preconceived opinions" so that my understanding won't be veiled. As a result of this approach, I cannot accept...
    • the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses is the Faithful & Discreet Slave. My rationale for such is several fold including that Christians should not be governing others. Additionally, the GB are neither faithful to God's Word, nor are they discreet. Rather, they seek do dominate man to his injury - causing people to abstain from blood transusions, exacerbating the mal-experience of child abuse victims and protecting the perpetrators, and also competing for the time of appointed men against the interests of family life and the individual's mental and physical health.
    • that the organisation of Jehovah's Witnesses is the vehicle chosen by God for salvation of man as there is no such scriptural justification for such a claim. God's spirit does not need to be chanelled through any institution and the GB seem to be thinking more of themselves than it is necessary to think by magnifying their organisation. Quite idolatrous!
    • the repeated claim that one needs to be obedient to the WT elders. The actual teaching of the Bible is not to be a follower of men or men pleasers. It is also now widely known that the Heb 13:17 scripture involves being persuaded. This is easier if the officers of the WT yield to scripture. Yet they tend to make much more of WT publication references and thus I am under no obligation to obey them and be a man pleaser.

    So putting my heart into it, being fully absorbed in the study of the material, meditating deeply upon it, and seeking to benefit from it personally is proving liberating. Now, my money goes on my family rather than the WT. Now I feel released from WT "privileges" such as running up and down with microphones, KH security, attendant duties, TMS assignments, reading assignments. I don't feel in the least guilty for abstaining from their so called "privileges". I read any translation of the Bible I like - now seldom the NWT. I understand that when the WTBS extols unity, it actually means uniformity! This paragraph in the Insight Volume is certainly good advice - but with outcomes not intended by the WTBTS!
  • eyeuse2badub

    You have been born again into the real life!

    just saying!


  • ttdtt

    A funny thing is that out in service for years we would talk about how PLAIN the bible is - and easy to understand. All you have to do is read it and you will see the simple truths. But in the congregation, its all a mystery that you need SPECIAL POWERS from god to understand, and since the R&F dont have that you have to listen to the GB who have a pipeline to god, except when they with the other side of their mouth claim they are not really special.

    WHAT BS!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    superb advice from the WBTS;


  • tornapart

    When the forerunner of the Insight volumes (Aid to Bible Understanding) was written back in the 70's by Ray Franz and his friends, studying the bible on it's own really took off in Bethel, resulting in many disfellowshipings. It seems that the GB/FDS don't actually approve of reading it on it's own, despite the fact that the bible itself clearly states we don't need anything or anyone else to teach us except Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.

    The whole reason why they are so scared of us doing it is that they realise once we've read the scriptures with an open mind we reach the conclusion that they are teaching us a load of falsehoods that go directly against what the bible is telling us. Once we've discovered that then they lose their obedient slaves.

  • LostGeneration

    Ironic isn't it?

    One of the exercises I did when I was leaving was to apply the things the WTS was writing about other groups/people/organizations to the WTS itself. Talk about an eye opener.

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