How Many Deaths For lack of a Transfusion

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  • Giordano

    How many JW’S die each year for want of a Blood Transfusion? According to the Red Cross and various National Blood Banks 4.5 million American lives are saved each year by blood transfusions. ...

    Since JW’S make up .8% of the US population. .8% of those 4.5 million who needed a transfusion is 3600. So roughly speaking 3600 JWs plus or minus will face this situation each year in the US alone.

    Here’s a short list of the serious medical problems that call for blood:

    Children being treated for Cancer, premature infants, Children having heart surgery. Serious Anemic issues are treated with blood transfusions to build up iron.

    Cancer, Organ Transplants typically require 40 units of blood, 30 units of platelets, 25 units of fresh frozen plasma.

    Trauma patients. Open heart surgery often requires platelet transfusions to survive.

    Sickle cell disease can call for four pints of blood per month.

    Giving birth if the mother hemorrhages.

    Among the 4.5 million that need blood are Trauma victim’s. Victim’s of vehicle accidents, various types of workplace accidents, fire, criminal assault, falls etc. There are 192,000 deaths from Trauma per year on average in the US. It is the leading cause of death for people age 1 to 44.

    Out of the 192,000 deaths...... 1536 are JW’s ( representing .8 of the trauma deaths).

    With Trauma......... blood loss is often the most immediate emergency. Some blood loss victims may need transfusions of 50 pints or more of red blood cells.

    “After a traumatic injury, hemorrhage is responsible for over 35% of pre-hospital deaths and over 40% of deaths within the first 24 hours,[1] second only to the rates of death due to severe central nervous system injury. A cascade of life-threatening medical problems can begin with severe hemorrhage, and many of these occur simultaneously: 1) hemorrhage, 2) impaired resuscitation, 3) shock, 4) inflammation and 5) coagulopathy (Fig. 1). The severity of each problem is commonly associated with the extent of overall blood loss.

    Low blood pressure due to blood loss indicates immediate complications, including the incidence of multiple organ failure and life-threatening infections.[2, 3]”

    So among those 1536 JWs that died from Traumatic injuries 537 died before they were even brought to the hospital. 40% or 614 died in the hospital within the first 24 hours directly from hemorrhage . We don’t know how many would have survived if they were transfused within that first 24 hour period. Which leaves 389 JW’s who died later on from their injuries which without a transfusion made it impossible, in many cases, to survive.

    So if the math is correct 3600 JW’s on average need a life saving blood transfusion every year. Noting how much blood is needed for the high risk procedures....... the witness who refuses blood could have died of something that may have been treatable. We can’t be certain how many lived and how many died without one. Or how many could have been saved if they were able to get a blood transfusion or even a blood cell salvage....using their own blood?

    Overall I used to think that at least 1000 JW’s died World Wide each year for want of a blood transfusion. Looking at the above numbers and seeing how many different life saving treatments depend on blood I am now leaning toward one to two thousand out of the 3600 that needed a life saving blood transfusion died for want of that blood in the USA alone.
  • smiddy

    Thanks for that post Giordano , its very interesting.The recent case of the young mother hemorrhageing and dying hits home.

    The linked articles are an eye opener , and where JW`s come into the picture and their policy of accepting blood fractions , the mind boggles that they cant even donate their own blood for future use for fractions that they have no qualms accepting from members of the public. {Those that they claim are going to die at the big "A" ]

    I just commented on another thread why mainstream Christendom is so lax in not tackling JW`s head on with their no blood, doctrine policy ,they should be able to make mince meat of that policy with their Bible Scholars etc.

    And likewise , I would love to know how many JW`s have lost their lives over the past 50 years for refusing to have a blood transfusion that could have saved their lives due to the policy of " No Blood " directives of the Governing Body of Jehovahs Witnesses ,and the subsequent coersion of the Liasion Comittee and family and friends ,all who are jehovahs Witnesses who want that rule enforced.

    Your post has a lot to absorb , this was just a brief overview as an ex JW

  • Phizzy

    This murderous Cult is killing more people in one year than Jim Jones did.

    How can we work toward stopping this ?

  • TheWonderofYou

    AJWRB: Expressed another way, for every one hundred "bloodless" operations on Jehovah's Witnesses, one death can be attributed to blood refusal.

    Since there are about 1 million Jehovah's Witnesses in the United States, about 15,000 Jehovah's Witnesses have conditions, which normally require blood transfusions. If we estimate the rate of additional death attributable to blood loss about 1%, about 150 Jehovah's Witnesses are dying each year in the United States due to blood refusal. Furthermore, there are 6 million baptized Jehovah's Witnesses and about the same number of sympathizers and inactive members worldwide. So we can conservatively multiply this figure by a factor of six. The resulting estimate shows that approximately 900 Jehovah's Witnesses die annually throughout the world as a result of the blood prohibition.

    So your estimation of 1000 refusers dying each year correlates (accidentally?) with the 900 dying each year from AJWRB. I dont like statistics and momentanously I cant understand your breakdown. But it is very interesting. Dont forget to promote:

  • TheWonderofYou

    The AUSTRALASIAN ANAESTHESIA 2011 Blue Book has a quote from a doctor, Anne-Marie Welsch, that is the highest figure I have found. She does not source her quote, but Australia is notorious for being a hot bed for JW blood management people and it would not surprise me if the source is the JWpeople involved in Australia's blood management. "It is estimated that approximately 1000 Jehovah’s Witnesses die annually worldwide and as many as 100,000 may have died by abstaining from blood transfusions since the blood ban was introduced in 1945. "

    This website has some figures:

    Maternal deaths rates:

    Marvin Shilmer posted the following calculation to the discussion forum:

    "Assuming an annual birth rate of 20 per 1,000, and based on the Watchtower organization's annual statistics, over the period of 1995 through 2006 there were at least 1,455,000 births among Jehovah's Witnesses. Assuming these women presented themselves as refusing blood, this translates into 1,455 deaths during this period." 6

    If all had accepted transfusions when needed, only 21 might have died. The Jehovah's Witness' policy on blood transfusions might thus have caused on the order of 10 preventable deaths a month, 120 a year, within their organization.


    Why do the health authorities not raise and publish concrete numbers?

  • Giordano

    When I read that 4.5 million people get a life saving blood transfusion in the USA each year I was confused over that number and also confused over calling it 'life saving'.

    However it started to become apparent that many life saving 'treatments' call for a certain amount of blood to keep the human body in balance.

    I have never looked into sickle cell disease so was stunned that advanced cases call for 4 pints of blood a month to sustain a person's life. 36% of JW's are people of color who are most often the ones to get sickle cell. How many died from that disease by refusing blood?

    The Society keeps meticulous records of all sort of worthless things. Bible studies, return visits, meeting attendance, baptisms, literature placements, hours in field service etc. But you can never find out how many loyal JW's died for want of blood.

    There are no over all statistics about loss of life due to non acceptance of blood.

  • OrphanCrow
    Gio: There are no over all statistics about loss of life due to non acceptance of blood.

    I think those stats exist. They are just not made public. The Hospital Information Services of the WT has been keeping meticulous records for decades - even before they were known as an arm of the WT.

    The blood death list is carefully guarded inside the HIS archives. The numbers are there - we just aren't privy to them

    I have never looked into sickle cell disease so was stunned that advanced cases call for 4 pints of blood a month to sustain a person's life. 36% of JW's are people of color who are most often the ones to get sickle cell. How many died from that disease by refusing blood?


    And not just sickle cell disease. Hemophilia, leukemia, thrombocytopenia,....

    The WT pushes bloodless surgery methods as the cure-all solution for blood refusal and yet surgery is only one condition that may require blood. And not all surgeries do. Yet the WT has promoted bloodless methods as the panacea for their ridiculous blood ban.

    Doing a statistical analysis of mortality rates due to blood refusal almost always uses the stats from surgical procedures and ignores the numbers of people who require blood for other reasons. Traumatic injury deaths and deaths due to surgical procedure do not give the whole picture. It is a much, much larger problem than what surgical bloodless methods can address.

  • nicolaou

    It's one of those questions we'd all love a definitive answer to. There was a big discussion about it a couple of years ago if you fancy melting your brain to mush. ..

  • lookout

    How many people receive blood transfusions, but then die?

  • OrphanCrow
    Lookout: How many people receive blood transfusions, but then die?

    Probably lots.

    People receive blood in life threatening situations. Not everybody survives the trauma of blood loss, even with the help of a blood transfusion. Some medical events cannot be reversed.

    However, the number of lives saved by blood transfusions is substantial. Mine was, for one. Blood saved my life. Blood from strangers who cared enough to be donors. Altruistic people donated blood so I could live.

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