Christian Church Destroyed by ISIS Rebuilt by Muslim Residents

by cofty 11 Replies latest social current

  • Spoletta

    We need to stop calling people "good" Christians or "good" Muslims, but simply what they are. They're good people who will always be the majority in any society, despite what the pessimists may say. The "wicked" heart will always be the exception, not the rule.

  • konceptual99

    You are right to an extent Spoletta however you are forgetting the group mentality that grows in communities and countries with high control leaderships. Nazi Germany is a great example where great evil was allowed to occur and participated in by those who under different circumstances would have had no part in such atrocities.

    The danger of religion and cult like social thinking is that even good hearts are corrupted and tolerate evil behaviour.

    The more a society seeks to unconditionally do good to all then the more hope there is.

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