JWs and taking blood

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  • respectful_observer

    Does the hospital liaison committee take it upon themselves to visit you in the hospital and talk to your doctors as soon as they hear you're sick, or do they wait for an invite? I'm guessing the first one.

    I imagine they take it upon themselves to visit "out of concern" but then put the screw to the JW patient to gather private medical information on the patient's diagnosis, treatment options, etc. Then I suspect they "suggest" to the patient to "alllow" them to speak on his/her behalf to the medical staff regarding his/her firm decision to refuse blood. I'm sure they also are carrying blank blood cards/DPAs for the JW patient to fill out (in their presence) just in case the JW patient had "forgotten" to have one completed (or "misplaced" it) before their arrival.

  • Vidiot

    @ dogon, pale.emperor, and honest...

    That must chap the GB's collective ass... :smirk:

  • freddo

    The HLC only get involved in a new case if they are "invited" by the adult patient or the guardian of a minor. This introduction is initially done through the elders in the patient's congregation. If the patient is known to the HLC through several episodes or ongoing treatment then they contact them directly.

    Of course, keen local elders and/or keen jw relatives will "encourage" the patient to have the HLC be involved.

    Once the HLC have their "feet under the table" only the firmly expressed view of the patient will get them to leave. Of course a patient may want the HLC there and a vulnerable patient may well just go along with the HLC advice as it seems a good idea until there is a life threatening situation and then HLC and jw family peer pressure kick in ...

  • Vidiot

    On the flip side, there are probably JW patients who worry that if they don't allow the HLC to be there, the elders and congregation members might suspect they were taking blood...

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