JWs and taking blood

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  • dogon

    I have a brother who works in the medical profession and in particular surgery rooms. He had a JW woman who needed blood. While the JW elders were there she said no blood. But once away from the JWs she said if they could avoid blood do it but if she needed blood do what they need to do to keep her alive. He said that about 50 percent of the JWs that come in will say that once the gestapo leaves. I never thought this happened. LOL But it makes sense.

  • pale.emperor
    I think most witnesses think the blood issue is complete rubbish but go along with it hoping they'll never have to be in that situation. If they made it personal choice and "dont ask - dont tell" as it should be then there'd be no problem.
  • honest

    Yes it's true

    My hematologist has said that most of her jw clients have taken blood transfusions in the quiet. They do it discretly like in the middle of the night.

    When you here an amazing recovery without blood transfusions for things like blood cancer and trauma 99.9 percent of jw's are lying. Good on them.

  • sir82

    I'm not surprised - there have been accounts on this site stating the same thing virtually since the forum began.

  • scratchme1010

    In the end, I think those JWs who do that realize that other people are literally playing with their lives and having them making important decisions based on pure nonsense.

  • carla

    Could a family member keep jw's out of a jw's room? I understand if the jw signed the blood card that may stand but would non jw family have to allow jw's into the room if the jw was incapacitated?

    I think the HLC could flex their muscle about the no blood issue but do they have a right to visit or send cong members to visit?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I've mentioned this before but my Son's girlfriend graduated top of her class as a RN last year. She was hired immediately by a renowned University Hospital. Part of her employee training course had to do with dealing with the handling of JW's. She hadn't known about the JW blood issue until then, so knowing that we used to be JW's, she wanted to get our take on it.

    She was told that more often than not, when the Liaison Committee leaves the hospital room, JW patients (especially the young ones) tearfully beg the staff not to let them die. They are afraid what will happen if the Congregation finds out so the hospital staff is required to meet with the patient one on one to make sure the patients true wishes are being upheld and to reassure them of their privacy under the HIPPA Laws.

    Although not surprising, this was news to us as it was always presented to us that JW's rarely if ever went against their beliefs on taking blood and we were told to be wary of hospital staff who would try and coerce us into accepting a blood transfusion.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    My wife's aunt was pretty sickly a few years ago. This was when I was still totally JW. I asked what her blood count was while we visited in the hospital. It was around 6 if I remember right. Then the next say it was 8. I was surprised as I didn't know that a persons blood count could rise that quickly. Now I know it can't. She must have had a transfusion. And she was a die hard witness, or so I thought.

  • respectful_observer

    Neither me, nor my other half, have carried a blood card/DPA in 8+ years. We've had many reasoned conversations together on the issue, and I've been told over and over my logic is unassailable. Of course my other half continues to insist that blood would be refused if the circumstance ever arose, yet refuses to fill out or carry a blood card.

    Personally I suspect we're at the point in our relationship where there a level of trust that we both know the other would do what was needed for the other person and be smart enough to never speak of it again.

  • Nevuela

    Does the hospital liaison committee take it upon themselves to visit you in the hospital and talk to your doctors as soon as they hear you're sick, or do they wait for an invite? I'm guessing the first one.

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