The Harp of God book

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    There are two versions of Harp. One published before 1927 that says Russell is the Faithful Servant, and one published after that removes all that junk Essentially two books with the same title.
  • Wakanda

    Thank you Orphan Crow!!! PIMI hubby wonders why all the books are not available on JWborg. Now I have a non apostate place to go look for them! Yes!

  • Hanged Man
    Hanged Man

    The watchtower should call their whole library "the harping on about god book" (and still coming up short)

  • OrphanCrow

    You are welcome Wakanda

    Another site that might interest you is jwwayback

    Just do a search for that and it should pop up

    Lots of goodies there

  • slimboyfat

    It was the first real study book, wasn't it? I got a copy at a car boot sale in Wales 20 years ago for 30p. I know because it still has 30p marked on it. I tried to read it but honestly it's not the easiest read. I seem to remember a lot about 1799 and jubilees. I can't help falling asleep when I read about jubilees.

    Incidentally I do think I remember the reason given for the unusual title. The Harp of God was the instrument David played, and each chapter represents a string in the harp, and together they convey the melody of the truth. I forget because the metaphor breaks down there.

  • Crazyguy

    I have two of those a pocket size one and a regular one. I need to get to reading , didn’t realize there that much crazy in that book or it was restating many things Russell had already published in his earlier book. After Russell’s death I thought most of this 1799 tribulation stuff was changed.

  • carla

    The quotes I posted were from a green edition Copyrighted 1921 by Peoples Pulpit Association Brooklyn, N.Y. U.S.A.

  • slimboyfat

    It still majors on Zionism I think.

    I was reading Comfort for the Jews the other day, which promoted Zionism very strongly in 1925. Yet by the early 1930s Rutherford had totally rejected Zionism. I wonder what happened in just five years to so radically alter his view.

    There is some irony in the fact that Watchtower strongly predicted a Jewish homeland for decades, but abandoned the prediction just a few years before it actually happened.

  • smiddy3

    I wonder in what year was the last Watchtower with the heading "Zions Watchtower and Herald of Christs Presence "? and the apparent Masonic symbols depicted on the front cover.

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