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  • Minae

    Thank you, Blondie.

    Applying the rules of our country, I have the full custody for our child until he's 18 years old. I will only lose that right if I willingly give up such, and assign someone else for the custody.

    Also, I will not put him on the birth certificate of our child. So he has to prove first his paternity. In doing so, he has to come to our territory which will really be difficult for him considering my family, relatives and friends.

  • smiddy3
    Biahi2 days ago

    When did this chaperoning thing start, I never had to do that, I left for good in 1983.

    It might have to do with where you live and how the Elders in your congregation viewed such a thing .

    It certainly was a big thing in my neck of the woods with my two boys ,one in particular because he was dating a woman who had given birth years earlier in a failed marriage ,and they even though they were a mature couple had to have a chaperone all the time .

    Neither of us now know how we put up with such bullshit crap .And I`m talking about the 70`s-80`s time period.

    So when it actually began that you had to be chaperoned I don`t really know.

    My GF and I when we were first going together and just started associating with the religion never had to have a chaperone .

    So it is a good question ?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath


    if i remember correctly--you are filipina --right ?

    i have some experience with immigration rules in the UK--when dealing with applications for settlement in the UK from the Philippines.

    in the case of dependent children--it is more difficult for a child to apply for settlement in the UK with its mother--if the childs father IS named on the birth certificate. British immigration take the view that the father is jointly responsible for the child--unless the mother can prove otherwise.

    i know this because my wife is filipina--and her boy has been refused a settlement visa in the UK because his father is alive and on his birth certificate.

    in any case--i think you would need the fathers permission if you did want him on the birth certificate.

  • blondie

    Thanks, Minae. My work experience with child support has been only tin he US. Glad to see you have been looking into the specifics in your area. Happy to hear your family has your back.

    Love, Blondie

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