Question about JW finance

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  • Vidiot
    ToesUp - "...I hope soon, a Bethel insider in the know will reveal the real facts."

    Those guys are useful, aren't they? :smirk:

  • blownaway

    My bet is they have off shore accounts and justify it by telling them-self its for the end so they can keep things going if the authority take their money. But in reality its for the fat ass Tony tight pants to run off if needed.

  • OrphanCrow


    The biggest single source of loss to corporations/businesses is internal theft.

    Do you think the org is immune to internal theft/fraud? I don't.

    Do we hear about this probable $$$ drain in the org? Nope. Of course not. Jehovah's corporation doesn't have that!!! Of course not! The holy spirit protects against internal theft and fraud, right? Right??

    Who has their hand in the cookie jar?

  • mikeflood

    I think the key is in one of the latest 2018 financial leaked videos. They have some serious problems in 'stewardship' a.k.a. management.

    Not enough auditors, practically not using budgets, no good communication and infighting between departments, emphasis in accounting the past instead of taking under consideration future costs, special petty projects that nobody could touch, people with checkbooks or credit cards without reliable internal looks like a mess...and they say so, not me.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I'm thinking perhaps as all this information about the Watchtower corporation fraud, dishonesty, and child abuse cover ups becomes common knowledge all over the internet, and some that handle branch accounts have managed to siphon some of those funds into their own coffers, and the WT is trying to stop the money leaks where ever they can with out mentioning it.

    Have you noticed how careful they are not to blame anyone in these videos? I think they are in a real mess and all they do to fix it will be creating more of a mess.

  • pepperheart

    Its god they are selling so many propertys off at 3000 propertys thats one per day for the next 8 eight years

  • Dreamerdude

    There is a serious lack of accountability evident in their discussions. No can can openly criticize poor business decions that have to be approved by the GB. If you’re an accountant for the Pennsylvania Corporstion, you won’t last long unless you’re a yes man.

  • fulano

    For many years the society spent money without budgetting. In 1996 they found out that a very large crane was missing for more than a year somewhere in Africa, worth almost a million us$. Just an example.

  • Incognito

    In reality, none of us know the number or names of associated corporations the WT may operate or are associated with. Even if WT did make an annual audited financial statement available for public viewing, I suspect that would not reveal its entire financial position.

    If WT assigned trusted specific elders to independently register and manage various charities with no recognizable link to itself, then funds may be donated on an ongoing basis from one charitable organization to another. After funds are donated, the donating organization can claim those funds are a charitable expense even as those funds remain within another associated charity.

    I suspect WT mandated suppliers who charge substantially higher than market rate, are companies likely owned by JWs who agree to donate all premiums charged to a WT associated charity whereby the donating company will receive a tax receipt for its donation. Not only would the supplier reduce its taxable income, WT then would also indirectly receive a share of all mandated products and services purchased from those suppliers.

  • keinlezard


    is it a coincidence ?

    This week Geoffrey Jackson made a talk in France for a New Assembly Hall

    and he says ( cf )

    Now that's not really possible because in the US because you can't arrest someone with no reason like in Russia. So imagine they would make up false accusations, with false witnesses and false testimonies and all the newspaper would talk about how the GB was arrested for stealing billions of $$ to their followers. How would you react when coworker talk about it? Be ashamed? Would you believe it? Well Satan will attack us using lies. Lying about our high morality.

    Maybe they will accuse us of covering child sexual abuser. Would you believe it? Surely we know those lies come from Satan."

    Why he talks about "stealing billions" ,does he know something about that , or he prepares JW to accepts that GB member steal millions or thousand hundred dollars ???

    Best regards

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