New Watchtower - Can You Look Beyond Outward Appearances?

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  • ttdtt

    How Ironic that they have asked JWs to NOT look past - Tight Pants - so called "Affectations" - Beards - Long hair - short hair - and like 1000 other meaningless and trivial things.

  • ToesUp

    WT will never see their own contradictions. Narcissists never do!

  • kpop

    The JW cult is one giant contradiction in itself.

  • oppostate

    Some appearances, like the fact that the GoBo are just a bunch of filthy lucre loving hypocrites are too hard to "look beyond". The sight of these lying and self-serving cult leaders' smug faces makes me sick. They're ugly under the skin, they're ugly to the core of their lying core!

  • steve2

    Let me get this straight: A religion based on outward appearances advises readers to look beyond outward appearances? Come on: 'fess up, Brothers: What's the catch?

  • baker

    Peter kept a diary. The early sections of his journal were dark and gloomy, but his more recent entries were different. One entry read: “I learned God’s name today. Now when I pray, I can pray to Jehovah. It’s wonderful to know his name. Don says that Jehovah can be my personal Friend, someone who always has time to listen to me, no matter when or what.” These stories are just that, just stories made up to fit the WT 6th grade mentality. No last name to find out if there was really a homeless person that kept a diary? Seems like in every article there is a made up story just to support a 6th grade point.

  • poopie

    Now if they can only apply that to the df Sister that sits in the back an NOBODY talks to her not even acknowledgeingredients her human existence. Wow

  • SadElder

    For 14 years Don periodically witnessed to this homeless person? The homeless don't generally stay that long in an area. Bet Don never made any effort to get this man some help. Typical JDub answer to everything, give them a Watchtower and tell them to "go be warm and well fed".

    I don't believe a word of this story. And this is the only experience they can dig up, one about a 'Truth' book?

  • sparrowdown

    I love the way they pose it as a question.

    Can you look beyond outward appearances?

    Well, if we as the GB have done our job then you should know that outward appearances are the true gauge of a person's worth and character. But, let's put this truth aside for a moment and consider if we can try to recruit even those ones we can see from their outward appearance are gross, disgusting and wicked.

    Let's try brothers and sisters, try for Jehovah.

  • jwleaks
    I don't believe a word of this story. And this is the only experience they can dig up, one about a 'Truth' book?

    The 'Truth' book, written by a member of the governing body, who then actually looked beyond outward appearances, was shocked by the hypocrisy of his fellow governing body members, and promptly resigned. Way to go Ray Franz.

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