similarities of WT and North Koria

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    Everything that is not compulsory is prohibited.

  • darkspilver

    misogyny? - though it looks like it was YOU who cut out his wife from the picture....

  • oppostate

    Not mysogyny, the mom turned into a pillar of salt.

    North Korea is also very male centric like the b0rg.

  • darkspilver

    Not mysogyny, the mom turned into a pillar of salt.

    I believe she is revered as a "a revolutionary immortal" and "an anti-Japanese war hero".... and it seems that the OP is from Japan?...

  • pale.emperor

    I've thought this for a long time.

  • pale.emperor
  • darkspilver

    I've thought this for a long time.

    interesting picture cropping you've done their...

  • TheWonderofYou

    1. Leader of North Korea is treated like a God, people pray to a statue of him every day. All people have to attend funerals of the leader and have to cry for him under menace of a 6 month labor camp = concentration camp.

    If you dont follow the humble and faithful slave you have not place in the congregation and get cut off. Most JW adore the GB. If you dont listen to the GB you get disfellowshipped and 6 month you have lost everything and you live furtheron like in a JW-style "concentration camp", you are separated from your peers.

    2. You have to get a conservative hair cut, you have no choice. You have to choose from a government approves selection of 14 haircuts for men, 18 for women.
    Surveillance cameras on public place to pull out people who dont have approved haircuts.

    An attractive hair cut is important in the JW service as well as clothing, surveillance is organised by critics from the sisters and brothers.

    3. Bibles, Torahs, Corans and religious practise are banned.

    Non-JW religious literature is banned by JW, magical literature is burned, non-religious is treated as harmful. Higher education is harmful for the devleopment of a modest character.

    4. Television. 2 channels available and strictly controlled by the state. Purpose is propaganda like public service talks about haircuts. Inaccurate news. critizizing and lying about US and allies.

    TV is used as main propagand-tool in the JW religion, the content is much about "micro-managing" the life of a JW, e.g. how to dress correctly and modestly, how to change character to become a volunteer for the construction work. Printed editions of publciatons are avoided.

    5. 1/1000 posess a car.

    JW are mostly from the lower class and dont possess much cars either.

    6. freetime: no room for that, one works 70 days straight, 6 day work day and forced extra day with volunteer work, people are seen as resources rahter then as people.

    JW are overloaded with theocratical duties, there are pioneers who serve 70 h a month and besides that do yet extra volunteer work in building projects.

    7. Photography banned.

    Interviews with JW representatives are not wished, if it turns about critical question about the organisation. Leaders are ignoring that problems exist or are relevant and do everything to hide the real financial situation and reasons for doctrinal changes.

    8. Women soldiers. brainwashing military camp. Learning frases like "We are killing Americans". Used in parades to make the country look good.

    As JW -women have nothing to say in the organisation they are used as propaganda tool in street service and building projects. They make the JW-country look good and not surpressive. This JW-style "army" is preaching "god is killing in Armageddon" or turning one into salt columns.

    9. Family punishment. The country has a law: "3 generations of punishment". Parents, wife, kids or unborn are punished for ones crimes and come into labor camps.

    JW likewise have a form of a family punishment, if one leaves the religion the JW family (grandpa, relatives, kids) and all other people from the peer punishes this person and they wont talk with it nor take up your call.

    10. Everybody has to vote. As there is only once Canidate.

    JW vote only for the invisible power not for human powers. The human power is exectued by the governing body anyway and one cant vote for it.

    11. Sexual abuse is not a serious crime. They dont make a deal out of it.

    At JW sexual abuse is treated as a sin but not as a crime.

  • pale.emperor


    I've thought this for a long time.

    interesting picture cropping you've done their...

    I didnt crop anything. The picture i used is here:

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