WT and child protection

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  • Phoebe

    My friend has just returned from mid week meeting and emailed me to say 'this was released at meeting tonight' and sent me a 3 page document entitled 'Jehovah's Witness Scripturally Based Position on Child Protection'

    Has anyone else had this. I'm in the UK

  • careful

    I'd be interested in seeing it. I'm sure it doesn't go into their past history on the issue!

  • freddo

    It's up on jborg.

    Type Jehovah's Witness Scripturally Based Position on Child Protection into the jwborg search box and you will get it offered for download.

    Phoebe - was it handed out? read out loud? announced as being available on jwborg?

  • steve2

    I don't think this is a new release.

  • freddo

    It says 1st May 2018 on the website ...

  • Phoebe


    She didn't say, just said it was 'announced' so that doesn't sound like it was handed out, does it? Maybe they just referred them to the website and she sent me a copy

  • steve2

    The website shows the latest date. It says nothing about when it was first released.

  • Phizzy

    This Document certainly contains no changes from their former "position". It is woefully lacking in proper procedure, and simply is not Fit for Purpose.

    My local Clay Pidgeon shooting Club has a better policy, and better still, has always got an officer of the Club present, and responsible for protecting the vulnerable, when such ones are there. Any incident, even rumoured, is reported straight away to the Police and other relevant Authorities. We are not told to 'phone the national Association for advice first.

    Why will the J.W Org not act responsibly over this vitally important matter ? Is it because they wish their Org to remain a Paradise for Paedophiles ??

  • Vidiot
    "WT and child protection"...


    That's like saying "Republicans and integrity".

    Or "Harvey Weinstein and consent".

  • freddo

    Well Steve 2 you keep saying its not new. It is.

    When you print it out it has 4/18 on it. Look next to the pic when you download it. It says April 2018.

    It was first put on the site 1st May ...

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