Is attendance down in your location too?

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  • LongHairGal


    Regarding the elderly who won’t go to the midweek meeting:.. that’s exactly what I thought when I first heard about all the kingdom hall sales and consolidations!

    I had problems making meetings and my hall was less than fifteen minutes away! There’s no way I ever would have driven to a hall thirty miles away - let alone on a weeknight after getting home from my full time job! 😂 No, it would never happen.

    There’s no way every Witness NOW is going to travel almost 2 hours one way (on weeknights - especially elderly??) What about ice and snow? It’s absurd. Maybe a few might drive this great distance on a sunny weekend, but even that will dwindle.

    This is just another nail in the religion’s coffin. Some will say they want this and they will sell off more halls. Well..Good riddance!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    maybe the big brothers at warwick will lovingly make it all an internet religion. After all---bums on seats in kingdom halls dont really bring in much money. so--sell all the halls--send all the money to the society. then the faithfull few can log in to every need to travel in the bad weather over great distances each week.

    assembLIES are a different matter. how exciting! maybe a couple of times a year--a big get together---each one attending paying ££$$ kerching to cover the costs. that is--if there are any followers left.

  • joe134cd

    That’s the way they are heading I reckon. They will eventually turn into a movie based E-religion. There will be some small subscription fee of a couple dollars a month, But with all these pay outs ( and depending on how big it will get) is certainly affecting their physical foot print.

  • steve2

    Dreary weather, thank you - I stand corrected. This feature must have been added after the briefer country-by-country feature.

    if I’m reading the PDF correctly, the country-country report does not include average numbers preaching - only for a global total.

  • Vidiot
    slimboyfat - "Where is the evidence that lots of new KHs have actually been built in Africa?"

    WT-published statistics, of course. Completely reliable...

    Not to mention the fact that in shit-poor Third World countries, a "Kingdom Hall" ain't much more than a glorified gazebo you can build for about 50 bucks and some elbow grease.

  • blondie

    We drive by a KH with 3 congregations and note how many cars are in the parking lot. One pretty much the same but the 2 others have dropped quite a bit. But that doesn't mean they participate (answering, listening, donating, field service, etc.) In many cases people attend for social reasons, see family and friends, arrange small parties and such. Then there are those that turn in fake time. Attending meetings tends to be the last step jws take when disillusioned or can't "eat the shit" any more. The negative results of not going no longer outweigh those of staying part of the WTS.

  • LV101

    2 hrs one way to a sales meeting! 30 miles away should take only 30 minutes or less via freeway but still too far for some elderly. The cult certainly understands how devoted the brainwashed are to implement such a plan of hall consolidations or they're a cash loss re/contributions, expenses. They must really want the equity out of hall properties -- either they've better investment strategies for the tax free profit or need moolah to float.

  • pepperheart

    They have been making cuts since 2012 when acording to their own website they closed 20 branches around the world down so i dont think its just a short term cash flow thing

  • sparrowdown

    Just by the by I read an article the other day that said the Anglican Church is selling off churches also to make way for 'new form of ministry" whatever that means. I think western religions at least are going through a transition because of longterm ongoing global downturn of attendance at bricks and mortar churches.

  • freddo

    The congregation I know well has a territory which is compact and so no-one is further than 5 miles from the Kingdom Hall. It is quite normal that midweek out of 65/70 publishers you will have 40 at the hall and 10 dialling in from home.

    I remember when we would have 90% attendance AVERAGE in the 1980's. And that is backsides on seats - not listening in.

    Attendance definitely down.

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