Is attendance down in your location too?

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  • jookbeard

    10 feet snow drifts Dozy in the UK?

  • smiddy3

    Spot on steve2

    ,Also I`d like to point out that when they count the number of attendees at the memorial they count every single person baptized or not young and old including those that only attend once or twice a year.

    Could it be they are now also doing that with meeting attendance in general ? and not only counting baptized ones ?

  • joe134cd

    Steve2- I’m interested to know the names of the towns you are talking about. In the country in which I live I can only think of 1 town where the cong was closed and hall sold. To be fair I think (like you have described) it was more a case of a dead end town going no where, than it was a decline in JWs. But that’s my take.

  • slimboyfat

    Our local KH dropped from around 80 to about 50 during the 1990s and has hovered around 40 to 50 range since. But what has also happened is that all the young people left and practically only old people still there. At least half the people are over 60. It makes you wonder who is going to be left in the KH in 20 years time?

  • jambon1

    1998 > cong of 90

    2018 > cong of 30

    The internet and the difficulty Watchtower now have of hiding the truth is biting them on their asses.

  • Vidiot

    Frankly, I'm inclined to take any stats the Org puts out with a big-ass grain of salt.

  • Betheliesalot

    One local resident of a small town in Ga, who had observed the local KH get sold, had the impression that the Jehovah,s witnesses had gone out of business, we can only hope.

  • shepherdless

    My wife's congregation was down to about 30 attendees before merging last year with the other cong that shared the same hall. The other cong they merged with was apparently healthier.

    A while ago I asked if it was busy. She said it was much busier; she now has to look around to get 4 empty seats in a row (for her and kids). She said she might try to get there a little early to be sure. My take on that is it is probably about 2/3 capacity. I have not been inside to check for myself.

    Car park seems half empty. Apart from my kids, there are a few other kids, including one at the same high school. My kids don't mix with them.

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    from France !

    when i was a 'teen, in late 80s, we were 385 publishers in 5 congregations and 4 KHs in my area. 30 years later, 175 publishers are remaining, in 2 congregations sharing the same KH. the average age must be around 55 - 60, or maybe more.

    young and educated people have ALL left the borg, Only jobless, retired and disabled people have joined !

    I'm out for 2 years but my best PIMO friend and his brother are still in, in 2 different congregations, so I'm still aware of the spectacular increase of the "great crowd"

    the saddest? empty minds, nothing to learn, no bible study but only brainwashed people singing "obey and be blessed" and "my joyful life of regular pioneer"

  • ToesUp

    "so I'm still aware of the spectacular increase of the "great crowd"

    Yes, we are hearing the same thing from a full in/brainwashed family member. "You should see the increase." Our thoughts when he says it...."yeah right."

    Legends in their OWN minds!!!

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