Jehovah’s Witnesses do not seek truth and prefer to follow their hearts...

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  • Listener

    Garyneal, it would seem that JWs don't care too much about factual teachings. Some do and they seem to make some sort of sense out of it. However there is a point in time when their beliefs become emotionally based. I think this is perhaps what you mean by 'following their heart'.

  • Ruby456

    garyneal here is another take that agrees with your basic arguments

    instinctive habit is what witnesses develop in followers and this involves the metaphorical heart. so I agree with you that they do use their hearts a lot. problems and obstacles disrupt these instincitive habits but here intelligence and consciousness generally has to take over and guide an individual to deal with the problem. this involves feelings as well as intelligence - what many call emotional intelligence, I think. So here the witness will object to you using emotional intelligence cos you are metaphorically bringing heart and mind into play - so yes I agree with your Opening post that Jehovahs witnesses seek to follow their heart generally but use arguments against the heart when problems arise as emotional intelligence which comes naturally to your aid by means of evolution can disrupt instinctive heartfelt habits that enable passive following of leaders.

    edit: btw notice how many analogies they make with insects like the industrious ant, the scorpion in revelation etc. Well according to some thinkers insects best demonstrate how instinctive habits are enacted in evolution.Cats, dogs, dolphins, humans etc tend to develop and bring intelligence and therefore consciousness (according to Elizabeth Grocz's reading of Henri Bergson, p.229 The Nick of Time) to the fore when they meet obstacles and problems. I think this faculty is something to value a lot - best wishes to you

  • SonoftheTrinity

    How many times have I told my wife that whether such information is coming from an apostate source is irrelevant and to consider it irrelevant without investigating the factuality of the information is an ad hominem rejection. I then ask my wife is Jehovah a God of Logic or Pathos? Then she stoops to name-calling. She wouldn't do that to a householder going from house to house, but as her husband I'm fair game.

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