Jehovah’s Witnesses do not seek truth and prefer to follow their hearts...

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  • garyneal

    It’s been a while since I posted some thoughts of mine concerning the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Watchtower Babble and Trash Society. Okay, I will be respectable and say it right, The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. I do, however, think about the doctrines quite a bit as well as the overall doctrines from Christianity in general. I remember during the six years I used to study with the Jehovah’s Witnesses how they like to quote the passage in the Bible that states that the heart is treacherous.

    “The heart is more treacherous than anything else and is desperate. Who can know it?” – Jeremiah 17:9

    I don’t recall whether or not Jehovah’s Witnesses used this verse to get me to question my beliefs and consider whether or not any of them were wrong. I do, however, recall my wife using it on me a few times when I sometimes would say that when I was not sure about something I would simply follow my heart. As I did begin to consider their arguments I could not help but notice that they were not as receptive to any arguments outside of their own beliefs. This became even more apparent when I began discovering facts about the misdeeds of the WT leaders of the past and some of their erroneous teachings, a few of which persist to this day.

    After all, it is easy to see why someone would choose his or her own beliefs even in the face of contradictory evidence if such a belief system feels good to him or her. In this person’s heart, the beliefs must be right and confirmation bias being what it is it was only a matter of time before this person found something to justify this belief. I remember feeling the constant need to reexamine my own beliefs often as I did not want to be guilty of just “following my heart” instead of following the facts. Indeed, if my beliefs were wrong and the Watchtower (or some other religion) had it right, I needed to know this and adjust my position accordingly. However, I noticed that in spite of the witnesses’ own claims to be lovers of truth, they resist even the most glaring evidence that contradicts their own belief system.

    I’ve spilt ink over this subject before but I still think it is a very good analogy to show the double standards and doubling down witnesses do to avoid the conclusion they might have to face should they consider the facts. Witnesses love to point out to Christians that December 25th is not Jesus’ birthday and make a lot of hay regarding why Christians will either double down on the position that it is indeed His birthday or simply acknowledge it but see nothing wrong with celebrating His birth on that particular day anyway. I’ve personally had a witness tell me that this information is available in any encyclopedia and therefore I should accept this because of this fact.

    Fair enough but mention this about 1914 and the year that marks the beginning of the 2520 year seven times period, which the Watchtower erroneously places at 607 BCE, and the response is surprising to say the least. Similar to how Christians respond to the whole Jesus not being born on Christmas Day fact, witnesses will either double down on the erroneous date by attempting to discredit the evidence that supports 586/587 BCE or they will simply try to dismiss the whole argument by saying something like, “We do not serve for dates.”

    That last response should be particularly troubling because these same witnesses will insist that Christians who see nothing wrong with celebrating the birth of Christ on Christmas Day, in spite of knowing that it is not His birthday, are simply being dishonest and just trying to justify their own traditions in spite of knowing the truth about them. In other words, they’re simply following their hearts. Yet these same witnesses do not seem at all troubled about attempting to ignore the evidence concerning 607 BCE by attempting to dismiss the whole argument by saying, “We do not serve for dates.” It is a glaring admission that these witnesses are not interested in truth and prefer to keep with their own traditions. In other words, they’re simply following their hearts.

  • smiddy

    I don`t know so much about Jehovah`s Witnesses following their heart garyneal , I`m more inclined to beleive , they follow whatever the Governing Body / Watchtower says at the present time., and that can change any moment and as we have seen before it can mean a complete reversal of what they beleived previously.

    To suggest they follow their heart , just does not compute with me , the majority of them have no heart , which is borne out by their treatment of their very own family members sons and daughters mothers and fathers who cut each other off in a blink of an eye , because the GB or WT says so .



    Jehovah’s Witnesses do not seek truth and prefer to follow their hearts...


    Jehovah’s Witnesses are not interested in the truth.....And..

    Are some of the most heartless people you`ll ever meet..

    Jehovah’s Witnesses do not seek truth and prefer to follow their hearts the WatchTower..

  • anointed1

    In some zoos, they try de-conditioning putting new-born babies of traditionally inimical species in one part of the zoo, and ensure that they never come in contact with their parents. And it is observed that all such animals live as friends in total peace—they do not know what enmity means.

    JW system is all about conditioning. Fortunate are the ones who come out. When I came out, two elders came to encourage me to return to the fold.

    I told them: 'You do not have the attitude of Jesus who did not go after those who left him' (John 6:66, 67) and they never came again.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    The only J.W.'s who honestly follow their hearts (in my experience) are now ex-J.W.'s!

    I can only imagine the countless numbers of active Witnesses who are bewildered/dismayed/horrified by the shockwaves which Brooklyn has generated throughout the congregations in recent years - but they are captive to the Org because of its "shun/hate any non-JW's" policy. Hence the reason for so many faders, but the Org is now turning its attention to such ones.

    It'll be interesting to see if the Org decides in the future that "Mr. & Mrs. Searcher (et al) are no longer Jehovah's Witnesses", due to inactivity. If so, expect to see the Org's Master Plan for auditorium capacity really kick in.

  • garyneal

    Well, I must admit, this has been somewhat enlightening to say the least. Perhaps, maybe I am viewing the witnesses in my life the wrong way when I conclude that they are following their own heart.

    I just simply drew the analogy concerning why a witness, when shown the evidence that contradicts a major teaching of their faith, will either double down and support the lie or try to dismiss it by saying, "We do not serve for dates," as if to suggest that 1914 is not a major teaching.


    I certainly agree that witnesses simply follow the GB and are not allowed to question even when they do a reversal on a major teaching (say the generation teaching). I can only imagine how demoralizing that could be to have a teaching you defended just get changed to something nonsensical. I had a conversation with a JW elder who I nicknamed scholar when I shared our exchange over this very topic. He seemed eager to embrace this new teaching in spite of him not being able to explain it.

    I remember also when he tried to explain the erroneous 607 BCE date to me after my wife and I went to the library and found not a single encyclopedia supporting this teaching that he told me that he had the same experience not finding it in any encyclopedia. He simply researched it using WT literature and was convinced that the society had it correct. This, in spite of, evidence (those darn encyclopedias) to the contrary.

    I cannot help but to see parallels between what he, my wife, and other witnesses she knows are doing and what they accuse Christians of doing. My wife told me of a talk she heard from a visiting speaker who said that he encountered a householder who, when confronted with a biblical passage that contradicted her beliefs, went to her pastor to clarify only to be told by this pastor that they must "read between the lines."

    There's a who LOT of reading between the lines to get 1914 out of the Bible. Given scholar's embracing of the WT theology concerning the erroneous date and my wife's dismissal of it with the whole "We do not serve for dates" rebuttal, I cannot help but to think that they are simply clinging for dear life to an ideology because it suits them.

    Of course, as others have pointed out, there are other reasons why people stick around even if they no longer believe a lot of the nonsense.

  • garyneal


    I looked up that passage and as I recall, what Peter said afterward is the most infamous response Jehovah's Witnesses have when they begin seeing that the WT teachings could be wrong.

    John 68 Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.

    Except the way they say it, it goes, "Where else can we go?"

  • garyneal

    The Searcher

    Would you say whether or not the religion has some unwritten rules regarding how people in the congregation should handle faders? I hear so much about how spiritually weak individuals should be approached with caution that I would imagine that any active publisher will approach such a fader with his or her guard up.

    Thanks for the response.

  • garyneal

    Thanks also for your response, Outlaw.

  • bobld

    I read somewhere (sorry,I forget where). I've sometimes thought that if my parents

    had always referred to the sky as green instead of blue.I'd have had a very hard time believing my own eyes.I trusted them,and would have had tried to reconcile the information I received from them with what I saw.

    So they believe the myths knowing it is wrong and try and reconcile it to keep the peace as it were.

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