Younger Witnesses less fanatical or fundamental

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  • geevee

    It would seem to me that there are a lot of lazy people in it today! Sitting by some trolley with books and magazines on it, no one really stopping to look and the three people guarding it would more than likely be annoyed when someone stops to look, as they have to pause their conversations.

    JW's as a whole have gotten soft! Yes no one could explain most of the Franz doctrines, most didn't care to even try. Yet some of these younger ones,are still very haughty when it comes to those who have left.

    And, by the way, regardless of how moderate it gets, it is still ALL BS!

  • Vidiot
    geevee - "...JWs as a whole have gotten soft..."

    Oh, yeah.

    Outlaw once said that back in the day, JWs were "Watchtower Warrors".

    These days, though?

    Not so much.

  • jp1692

    Thus as it ever was.

  • redvip2000
    Likewise, I find that younger ones in the organization, say 40 and under, also seem to be more rational and reasonable. I've known a lot of "true believers" in my time but I find I rarely meet any around my age. From what I've seen as well many have a more tolerant attitude towards alcohol as well as entertainment. Although no one really advertises this

    Not only is this true, but we can go even further. Most young Jdrones barely know anything about the troof aside from the basic precepts. For them, being JW is more a social identity, and being part of a group. Going to the meetings and standing next to a cart for a few hours looking at their phones, is just the price they pay for keeping their friends and having fun at gatherings and outings.

    They don't give two shiites about doctrine, and in reality this is helpful for the Org.

  • sparrowdown

    If by "less fanatical" you mean less factual and not giving a f*** then, yes, I agree, they are. I doubt they could debate that water is wet, because they would be too afraid of getting wet to do so.

    But, to be fair the "less fanatical" 😉 thing isn't confined to JW young people it's everywhere. There seems to be an epidemic of mentally lazy and super-sensitive these days. Not a good combination I might add.

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