Younger Witnesses less fanatical or fundamental

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  • optimisticskeptic

    I am a born in JW for over 30 years now and have been in various positions in the organization. Now I'm guessing most of us recognize that older generations tend to be more fundamental and less reasonable when it comes to their outlook and beliefs. I find this to mirror the differences you see outside of the organization as well (older people less tolerant of other religions, newer technology, LGBT, etc.). Likewise, I find that younger ones in the organization, say 40 and under, also seem to be more rational and reasonable. I've known a lot of "true believers" in my time but I find I rarely meet any around my age. From what I've seen as well many have a more tolerant attitude towards alcohol as well as entertainment. Although no one really advertises this. Heck, one brother told me the research he was doing with his mom on medical marijuana and from what they could tell as long as you don't smoke it it's considered a conscience matter. Anyways, all this to say, has anyone else noticed this? I feel like people in religion in general are becoming increasingly less fundamental and more secular and reasonable, even in other religions. Of course, on the opposite side you have the extremist factions in Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc. But it seems like the 80/20 rule where most are becoming more relaxed as opposed to more fundamental.

    FWIW: I'm currently in a congregation in a city that has over a million people so perhaps it's the classic difference between more rural and isolated communities vs more generally more tolerant and progressive cities. I've been to some small more isolated congregations that are pretty insane.

  • stuckinarut2

    Very true observation!

    Yes, I'm proud of the fact that the younger generation as a whole is more reasonable and open minded.

    Nice thread.

  • optimisticskeptic

    Thanks! Yeah, I'm wondering how the org might change in the next 20 years or so as older generations die off. I wonder if the religion will become more reasonable and balanced. Time will tell I guess.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Well, maybe. They don't seem to mind Trump having sex with any woman that stands still for over a minute.

    At least he gets a pass on grabbing you know what.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    It does seem to me that those who endure with the JW religion pay lip service to all the demands of the GB, but quietly ignore its more extreme requirements.

    PS: Many thanks to my eldest daughter and my grand-daughter.

  • Normalfulla

    I'm around that age and almost all my former friends don't fall into that category, they are just as blind as the average jw and just as scared of anything negative about the org .

  • DesirousOfChange

    As has been stated many times, younger JW‘s do not know their own religion. It is doubtful that they could defend any of the unique JW doctrines. Of course, NO ONE can give a reasonable explanation of blood “fractions” or the overlappy generation BS (even Splane can’t “splane” it).

    If you think today's JW can explain how 2540 years gets you from the fictional 607 BC to 1914, or the meaning of the trumpets of Revelation, you are kidding yourself.

    JWs now have three rules: NO fornication; NO education; NO explanation (IOW, do what the GB/GODs tell you to do without question). Oh yeah, #4: $END U$ YOUR CA$H.

    To most young persons, it has become nothing more than their social network of friends.

  • galaxie

    Hi optimis....would you be prepared to present the text of your post to the elders ? Mmmmm

  • pale.emperor

    DOC is right:

    As has been stated many times, younger JW‘s do not know their own religion. It is doubtful that they could defend any of the unique JW doctrines. Of course, NO ONE can give a reasonable exclamation of blood “fractions” or the overlappy generation BS (even Splane can’t “splane” it).

    I used to read the insight books for bedtime reading for fun and was a WT Library geek. Even i couldn't explain 1914 without a Watchtower in my hand. And that always frustrated me. Because if it was a bible teaching i should be able to find it in the bible.

    Im 33 and when i was in my teens and 20s i was regarded by my uberdub family as "too permissive". My friend at work was gay. I listened to Oasis, Nirvana and other "naughty" bands. I think my generation was the start of this, you were either fully in or on the fence just in it for the social scene. And in Liverpool/Manchester in the 2000s there WAS a great social scene. Not anymore though so i hear. My generation either got married and had kids or have left. You could tell who the hangers-on where, the ones who had the best parties!

    I dont know if the younger generation are more accepting, they could actually be more militant, especially if they were home schooled.

    The problem is, the younger generation wont know anything about 1975, the convention video last year have warned them that "some people" thought the end would come. And they'll believe that. They wont know about Beth Sarim, Rutherford banning Kingdom Songs, that blood fractions used to be 100% banned etc.

    The online library only goes back to 2000 for Watchtower/Awake! magazines. Most of the references to old publications are greyed out.

    The only way this religion can survive is by morphing into something else. Which it has done a few times before. Russell/Rutherford/Knorr/GB.

  • nonjwspouse

    The congregation my husband went to as a youth was more relaxed, and liberal. This is one reason he thinks he could so easily live a double life. Do what he wants. Basically his mother has done what she wants. ( Her husband was an elder until the late 70's, when he was both scolded for his sons behavior and walked away never to return to the KH)

    They are not young at all. In their 70's.

    Since my 56 YO husband was raised in such a liberal congregation, He feels the oppressive rules and danger of shunning is exaggerated. Quite dangerously ignorant.

    However, I do feel the seed planting I have patiently done for years now is doing something. Also, the previous congregation was dissolved after the money grab, ( they had the land donated and all the money raised for the new hall by then) and is now merged with a congregation downtown in a crime ridden area. ( The only way she goes is if her other son, ( single and recently baptized for reasons only he knows, drives her there). If that congregation has a more strict atmosphere, then there is hope even for his Mother to wake up.

    Is it true that it is the overall "personality" of the individual halls, that drive the individual JWs to be either strict or laid back?

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