Spiritual 'Pharisaical legal text' makes you 'accountable' if you attend a JW 'JUDICIAL COMMITTEE'

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  • Nathan R. Koppe
    Nathan R. Koppe

    Spiritual 'Pharisaical legal text' makes you 'accountable' if you attend a JW 'JUDICIAL COMMITTEE'

    'Regular' JW's attending a 'judicial committee' automatically and without realising it, both admit to a 'wrongdoing' and 'subject themselves' to JW .org-inisation 'elders'.

    It has also been well-documented that JW .org is 'coming after long--term inactive ones, that are causing 'divisions'.

    There is a greater emphasis being put on 'shunning' those labelled with 'apostate' (behaviour).

    The 'slanderous' naming and shaming of (former) members who have questioned the JW. org-inisation is relentlessly being propagated in both publications and their gatherings, such as their ironically named 'Love Never Fails' 2019 convention.

    Ironically, the scriptures they often refer to such as the one at Titus 3:10 the original Greek word Hairetikos, which is translated to the the word “heretic,

    ”refers to a "self-chosen party or sect, causing division, not necessarily heretical in the sense of holding false doctrine.

    It refers to one who is involved in 'drawing disciples after him[self]'.

    The focus of the apostle’s warning is directed at the self-willed man whose self-serving agenda causes people to choose sides."

    JW's are know to cause division themselves, or rather this 'man ruled infallible and erroneous Wathtower/JW .org-inisation 'Governing Body", does this by having a PAGAN disfellowshipping procedure!

    JW. org use this 'Pharisaical tool or rule' to 'mark and label'

    long-term and inactive members who start asking (biblical) questions, that they will not or unable to (biblically) answer and that are trying to bring this to the attention of their (former) JW friends and family!

    To emphasize that the emphasis in in fact a legalistic (Pharisaical) organisation (aka corporation) they place great emphasis and pride on this JW. org LOGO.

    JW's have 'no idea' that this Masonic Blue and Cubic(ism) logo totally distracts from God's name which the 'regular' JW's claims is Jehovah!

    Again ironically, even on JW .org is CLEARLY STATES "that Jehovah IS NOT 'the most accurate name to use' and in fact has it's origin in a 12th Century MONK!

    So again, Watchtower/JW .org is a Pharisaical legalistic organisation (corporation);

    - they put you into a Pharisaical legalistic "membership contract" when you accept you vow of baptism to also dedicate yourself to a huMEN organisation!

    - if you are invited to a 'judicial committee' you are admitting and SUBJECTING yourself to the JW .org-inisation 'elders'

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  • blondie

    A good question, with a lot of info to read. Can I get the cliff notes if possible? (Legalese is not like that).

    The WTS tends to take the legalistical approach to all their problems. In fact, an elder I know called into the WT headquarters to find out what to do about a confessed jw pedophile in their midst that was not obeying the court order regarding being around his victims (attending their victim's congregation although assigned to another). This elder was immediately transferred to Legal who got someone from the Service Desk on the line. The elder listened as the brother in Legal argued with the brother on the Service Desk about what the WTS should do!

  • Finkelstein

    One interesting fact to take note is that all of the leaders of the WTS/IBSA/JWS (GB members) have conducted themselves as vocal apostates (false prophets) in their activity as literature charlatans, that essentially is their sin and what they have been doing is sequestering their own self empowerment and luring others to share and participate in that sin.

    In other words you cant be a loyal devoted person to these men and at the same time be a loyal and devoted person to Jehovah and his son Jesus Christ.

    You have to distinguish what the scriptures say and what Jesus says to what the WTS says and its leading men say.

    Being adherent to what the Scriptures say defines you as a true Christian, being loyally adherent to what sinning men say who pose themselves as Christians, will undoubtedly define you as a false Christian.

    So the main question to evaluate is are certain men who are proclaiming to be practicing Christians actually being faithfully loyal to God and in subjection to him or are they being faithful loyal to themselves, in a active containment of sin ?

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Hello Nathan - I got df'd recently. They announced it this Thursday. I was df'd for sticking to the words of the prophet Daniel and saying 1914 doctrine was a lie. Also they were very fed up with me for making a YouTube exposing wrongdoing in another nearby congregation, where a faithful elderly sister called Christine was booted out for just asking the elders about child abuse and why Gerrit Loesch was blaming Jesus for the GB's doctrinal errors.


    I was twice invited to a judicial and I told the elders firmly that their judicial was unwarranted and that I did not recognise their authority to hold such a thing. Even just before the event, I went and told all those involved that what they were about to do was wrong.

    What struck me more than anything else was their refusal to examine the scriptures in any way. From my experience all I can say is that they wont look at the Bible becuase it is the Bible itself which condemns them. So I don't see how anyone could describe them as Jehovah's Witnesses, unless they are very imaginative.

  • Finkelstein

    Its a shame people dont read the bible carefully before they started to study the bible with the JWS, with the WTS's selective interpretation.

    If they did they would see Jesus's condemnation of his faithful followers to not set a time upon god's own sacred time.

    They would also see that Jesus commanded his followers to not listen to these false teachers.

    It should be honestly clear that the controlling leaders of the WTS/JWorg. are sinning apostates.

    So from a Biblical perspective, who should be shunned ?

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Hi Finkelstein - For the record, I had made a very careful study of the Bible long before being contacted. But I was not taught certain doctrines to do with 1914. Also, it was still early days for the internet and I had no way of knowing the full history of the Society. Once I realised there was a major issue, I took action. The elders agreed that I had a valid point but they asked me to be patient. That was 2005. At the time, their request seemed reasonable. I didn't realise that I was really being told to wait forever. Eventually I got in contact with Ray Franz and he confirmed my suspicions.

    So what I was ignorant about was the extent to which people could be manipulated by messing with logic and the sense of privilege and how hypocritical people could be. I wasn't stupid, I knew such things went on but this took it to a whole new level.
  • hoser

    I heard if you didn’t acknowledge the elders authority that they would let the Jc slide.

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Hi Hoser - that's not been my experience and I was very clear and vocal about it. Even turned up to an elders meeting and told them so.

  • zeb

    Christine.. is 80 has been a jw longer than most of them have lived.. she has humble heart but an inquiring mind and that is what rattles them.

    Peace unto you Christine and the lady who made the video.

    Live long and prosper in health wisdom and love..

  • Anna Marina
    Anna Marina

    Thank you Zeb :) And I will pass your message on to Christine as well.

    Incidentally, not only is she 80 but she is also lame. She has just undergone major reconstructive surgery (which appears to have been successful). She is making a slow recovery. So at this time in her life, after years of kindness, generously supporting and helping (she is poor) as best she can, she has been thrown out. This is when she most needs help. But now if anyone from the congregation sees her stuggling (say when out shopping), they'll just ignore her.

    She wasn't attending meetings anyway. But they decided to go after her because she was so well loved the congregation were unsettle. Oh and she was still involved in a regular Bible study.

    Suffice to say Christine isn't on her own. This gross injustice has made it plain to some that the Watchtower tells a pack of lies, cons unsuspecting Christians and seeks to suck the life and brains out of them.

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