what is the ontlogical trinity

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    The Trnity to me means the true nature of God essence,attributes each person of the Trinity is equal The Father The Son and The Holly spirit all share the devine nature ie three persons of the Godhead are all equal in power ,glory and wisdom john 10:30.jesus and his father God are one meaning of the same nature mathew 28.19 Jesus said all to be baptised in the name of the father and of the son and the holly ghost reprissenting 3 persons of the godhead to wellcome the devine trinity into your soul

    I learned something new today. The holy spirit is female & her name is Holly =)

    Btw, can't help hut notice that the OP has disappeared. Maybe he went to take some English classes


    Well, I for one don't think I could explain the trinity to the degree that Cofty would like. If mystery is a cop out for the trinity, it would also have to be a cop out for the virgin birth of Jesus too. How would you define a being that has no beginning too? Explain how Jesus [and others] could ascend to heaven. How about healings that defy logic? Too much to try to explain to someone who has no knowledge of Jesus and his church.

    So why am I a believer of this unlikely [and unexplainable] faith?

    For me it's the history and the fruits. 2000 years of a lineage that goes directly to Jesus. He promised that HIS church would last all ages. The way that so many people HATE the church, yet it still remains. And it always will, or Jesus is a lying fool.

    How about the fruits? No one can deny the real fruits that every other faith and civilization tries to copy and even take credit for. I'll be a brief as possible.

    Universities/colleges. Never a system if school in the world that was promoted worldwide. As a result, the Church actually invented the scientific method.

    Hospitals- Never a hospital anywhere before the church started building them. Nurses? All nuns working the hospitals.

    Orphanages? Yup Catholic Church fruit .....Old age homes,....food banks....battered wifes shelters, .. homeless shelters...etc, etc

    And as a result, the Church was the first to institute and promote civil rights for all and promotes that also worldwide.

    just saying...that I cannot explain the mystery of the trinity, but I can see the real and true fruits givin to us all from the Church that Jesus started.

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    If mystery is a cop out for the trinity, it would also have to be a cop out for the virgin birth of Jesus too

    Yes it is. We can talk about the origin of the virgin birth myth on a different thread later. You will find it very informative honestly.

    How would you define a being that has no beginning too?

    A delusion, but that is off topic.

    Explain how Jesus [and others] could ascend to heaven

    They didn't but again we can talk about that later.

    How about healings that defy logic?

    Do you mean healings like when Jesus mistook epilepsy for demon possession? Again we can discuss that later.

    I for one don't think I could explain the trinity to the degree that Cofty would like

    I am only asking for a very, very simple explanation using everyday language. I don't want any Greek or Hebrew, no esoteric theological arguments, nothing complex at all.

    Surely if your most crucial belief is true that should be a really easy task? If in fact it is the case that christians are polytheists I can see how this is difficult and embarrassing.

    The Trinity Challenge

    Imagine an intelligent person with no knowledge of theology asks you about your god.

    They know that you worship Jesus. They know that you also worship "the god and father of Jesus".

    Please explain as simply as possible how you avoid the charge of polytheism - without contradicting yourself, without using specialist theological terms and without resorting to non-answers like "it's a mystery".

    If you could use an everyday illustration as well that would be very helpful.

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    Piledriver - "what is the ontological trinity?"

    Badass hacker chick's second cousin.

  • piledriver
    Biblical or othordox view of the true nature of god see anneonimic subordination in the trinity but deny the heritacal view of an ontholgical subortination ie all three persons of the god head are equal in nature . Economic refsto god does onathlogical ref to god is same essence and nature but 3 diff rolls

    A mother, a father and a son have the last name Jones. You have 3 persons with the same last name. Which one is Jones? Each one is Jones while being different persons.

    You could say the same thing about them being human. One isn;t a less Jones or human than the other. That could be an analogy to explain the trinity.

    See? simple

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    My answer to the trinity challenge is that trinity equals infinity.

    The Rebel.

  • Diogenesister

    InChristAlone3 days ago
    I see Christ as the Father's Word manifested in the flesh, and the Holy Spirit as the Father's actions manifested as whatever was observed.
    Observed distinct from each other, reliant upon the will of the Father, and yet cannot be separated.

    Actually I thought that was quite well put, it's the nearest thing to understanding it I've ever come,anyway.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Piledriver: You are right...regardless of our ability to comprehend or explain the deity of Jesus Christ or relationship between Father and Son, regardless of the language....."worthy is the Lamb!"

    Here is a sample of Jesus worship you might appreciate.


  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Further clarification to the trinity challenge, from an athiest.

    Trinity equals Infinity,

    1+ 1 + 1 =3

    but the infinite when symbolized by 1oo and not 100.

    1oo +1oo+ 1oo = 3


    100+ 100+ 100 = 300.

    The Rebel.

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