Tips for Traversing Tumultuous Times (MicroAgressions)

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  • JW_Researcher

    Many of us are confused so this hand-dandy chart may assist.

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  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    Don't forget - "When the looting starts, the shooting starts".

  • JW_Researcher

    Very articulately stated. Ooops.

  • RubaDub

    Them people are going to bring this country down if we don't stop it.

    You know who you are.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    What a crock! Society owes citizens and legal residents equal opportunity, nothing else. It's high time we abandon the paternalism of viewing certain groups as victims and therefore owed some kind of special support and caretaking. Instead, we should emphasize equal opportunity for all, including enough education to be a fully functioning and employable adult in today's society. After that, individual initiative and responsibility should be stressed and praised. Being on welfare should not be a lifestyle choice one can make simply because one does not want to work.

    Western society has become one big kindergarten where everybody whines at the slightest offense, wants to sue if someone calls them a name, and thinks the world owes them a living. And all the other benefits of the modern world, too, even though they haven't worked for them and don't think they should have to.

  • Quetzal

    @Under the Radar

    You are likely looking at this from a narrow angle of

    Being on welfare should not be a lifestyle choice one can make simply because one does not want to work

    If you want to eliminate the welfare state and make people earn what they have.

    You will need to remove

    • no food stamps,
    • no money for those who lost their jobs due to lock down Corvid19.
    • no money for big companies during the Corvid19
    • no legal loophole for big companies that avoid paying taxes
    • no more bailout money for Banks. Only survival of the fittest.
    • no more charitable organizations(oxfam, Red Cross, etc) that do not pay taxes
    • all disabled adults and children will have to be helped by family or they are on their own.
    • If you are injured during War or in some type of accident and you can no longer work, you are F**ked
    • all religion must pay taxes no more "free ride"
    • no more charitable deduction for taxes purposes.

    You already know that welfare state was in response to a major financial crisis

    The United States was the only industrialized country that went into the Great Depression of the 1930s with no social insurance policies in place. In 1935 Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal instituted significant social insurance policies. In 1938 Congress passed the Fair Labor Standards Act, limiting the work week to 40 hours and banning child labor for children under 16, over stiff congressional opposition from the low-wage South

    The fact that the welfare state is being abused doesn't actually mean that it is inherently bad.

    Western society has become one big kindergarten where everybody whines at the slightest offense, wants to sue if someone calls them a name, and thinks the world owes them a living.

    Why do you want to go back to an age when you are freely able to "calls them a name"?

  • TD

    It's funny in a sad sort of way that a number of the things Dr. King taught would fall below the black line. I've always taken a certain family pride in the fact that my parents marched with him (Before their JW days...) but suppose that would probably be included there too.....

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Queyzal: It appears you're reading way too much into what I said. Please allow me clarify, point by point.

    Food stamps should continue to be available, but only to those who are temporarily in need due to no fault of their own. It should be in the form of EBT cards, coded so they cannot be used to withdraw more than an extremely minimal amount of cash, can be used only to buy actual grocery items and not tobacco or alcohol, can only be used at approved business types and not casinos and such. Anyone selling or trading their EBT card for non-approved items should be banned from further benefits for an extended time.

    Money for those who lost jobs due to Covid-19 should only go to those who actually lost income due to the virus. If you didn't have a job to start with, you didn't lose any income.

    I agree with no money for big corporations except only what's needed to keep employees on the payroll during the crisis.

    I agree there should be some minimum tax from every major company, regardless of their otherwise allowable deductions.

    I would agree to let nature take its course in regard to banks, as long as individual depositors and clients are protected.

    I think charities should be allowed to continue, as long as at least 90% of their income is used for the purposes in their charter, which would not include salaries and other administrative costs. If any particular charity cannot continue due to this requirement, I'm sure there are others who could pick up the slack. Fraud and waste are a major problem with many so-called charities.

    Those truly disabled or needy due to no fault of their own should continue to be helped. But the definition of disability should be tightened up and clearly defined. No more bogus claims due to unprovable "conditions" that are mysteriously convenient and intermittent and impossible to define or treat.

    Veterans hurt while on active duty should be cared for as long as necessary by the VA. Disability insurance should be available to all who work. Buy it, you're good. Don't buy it, you're assuming all the risk yourself.

    Completely agree that religions should be removed from the "protected species" list. They should be taxed as any other business, except for money directly spent on charitable work, the same as any secular charity.

    Deductibility for charitable organizations that meet the new requirements should continue. That would encourage donations, which would reduce the slack the taxpayer must pick up otherwise.

    As to your other points:

    The welfare system should certainly be overhauled, top to bottom. It should be made extremely hard to abuse, and the penalties for trying to do so should be severe. It should be a short-term safety net, not a choice one can make simply because one does not want to work.

    Calling other people derogatory names is impolite and distasteful, but it should not be illegal and certainly should not be a basis for people losing their jobs or positions. Freedom of speech is protected by the Constitution. Calling someone a name is not anywhere near the same as shouting Fire! in a crowded theater. Sheesh, children, get over it! I've been called names many times in my life. If I don't respect the person calling me the name, I really didn't give a crap. I have nothing to prove to anyone else, and neither do you.

  • Simon

    How about "you're not right if you're not white"

    Why isn't there a white-power ranger? Sorry, I meant white power-ranger ...

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