Is it a once a week church now? Or can you skip that and listen on the phone?

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  • Wakanda
    Wow do they have to get a sick note form the doctor?

    Not technically, but it wouldn't hurt I suppose. Wait. It may hurt. If the elder/C.O./M.S. you give it to gets offended that you thought they would need a note, then it would hurt.

  • steve2

    But those who are faking it or making more of ill health than they should, what about their seeing-all God?

    Well, Xanthippe, there are classifications in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders (Fifth Edition) that address this very question.

    The two main ones are:

    • Malingering: The deliberate feigning of illness for secondary gain (attention, being cared for, compensation, monetary gain, being absolved of duties and responsibility etc).
    • Factitious Disorder: A deep-seated psychic need to be in the sick role whether or not there is any obvious gain. In this classification, people actually see themselves as being sick so can stand (or depending on level of debilitation, sit or lie down) before their God with a clear conscience.

    My hunch, based on members of my old congregation, is that JWs tend to see themselves as actually being chronically ill - even when health professionals declare, "Nothing's wrong", although I sometimes think they have their fair share of malingerers - but they avoid thinking through what this must be like to their "all-seeing" God.

  • Xanthippe

    At first I thought you were having me on that malingering is in DSM-5 but it is. How strange.

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