Finland Knife attack: 2 dead, one of them a Jehovah's Witness

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  • Ruby456

    cold steel - pls remind which planet the above occurs on as it is nothing like anywhere on earth

  • shepherdless
    Actually I was speaking a bit tongue-in-cheek.

    Okay. I thought you were being serious.

    Just to give my own perspective, I am not totally against guns. In Aust, particularly on farms, they are often a necessary tool. However, to get a licence to own one, you need to satisfy a test and have a reason to need one. Also the types of guns are restricted, so that most people can't own a pistol or semi-automatic, for example. Ammunition can't be bought without a licence, and gun safes are mandatory.

    There are some guns on the black market, but overall gun deaths in Australia (apart from suicides) are very rare, despite there still being a reasonable number of legally owned guns in circulation. I think it is partly because anyone with any sort of violent criminal record can't get a licence, and partly because even when laws were at their most lenient, there were never many pistols in circulation. (Relevant because, statistically, pistols are by far the biggest killer in USA.)

    Sorry to derail the thread.

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