Watchtower November 2022... Adapt to new adjustments and new changes

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    12 Greed led Judas Iscariot to become a despicable traitor. He did not start out that way though. (Luke 6:13, 16) Jesus chose him as an apostle. Judas was evidently capable and dependable, for he was in charge of the money box. Jesus and the apostles used those funds to care for their expenses in the preaching activity. In a sense, they were like donations to the worldwide work today. But at some point, Judas began to steal, despite having heard Jesus’ repeated warnings about greed. (Mark 7:22, 23; Luke 11:39; 12:15) Judas ignored those warnings.

    12 Greed led the Watchtower Society to become despicable liars. The Society did not start out that way. The Society were never capable or dependable with the members money contributions. They made themselves in charge of the money box. The congregation members contributed time, money and free labor to build their congregations. In a sense, each member owns their own Kingdom Hall. The Watchtower Society began to sell off congregations and pocket all the monies despite having Jesus repeated warnings about greed. The Watchtower Society ignore the warnings.

  • Hellothere

    More and more i see were all this, obey without questions and trust hundred procent in GB, is leading... selling of everything and going online.

  • WokenfromJWcult

    Just recall the lucky video captured by a voyer,of Morris spending hundreds of his fooled followers hard earned money on Jameson Irish whiskey for his selfish consumption. Wonder if he was admonished for this , or just warned to be more careful and have a trusted bethelite do it.

  • BluesBrother

    When you support such changes and loyally stick to Jehovah and the organization that he is using, you will surely be blessed.​”

    Makes me wonder , what are they softening the r &f up for, what more unpopular changes are coming?

    When I was at work, the company started making a big thing about adapting to change, with training courses and videos about supporting changes …

    we all wondered what was up and sure enough, we were all downgraded and jobs altered for the worst

  • dozy

    The trend has got to be a further reduction in Kingdom Halls - if even 25% of JWs are accessing via Zoom (anecdotally , much more than this in some congregations) , inevitably many more KHs are going to be sold. And as much of the easier mergers / sell offs have already occurred , some of these sell-offs are really going to bite - JWs won't like the idea of driving 40 minutes or more to their new congregation.

  • nowwhat?

    Bluesbrother is right. Why make a point about changes years after the fact?

    Yep more changes are coming!!

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    BluesBrother, I had a similar experience. When the company I was working for started talking about 'do more with less', I knew it was time to retire, and I did. The company went bankrupt a couple of years later. I got out while the getting was good.


    Vlado, a 73-year-old elder in Slovenia, struggled when his congregation merged with another congregation and the Kingdom Hall that he attended was closed.

    Vlado is a made up name, and made up story to introduce Kingdom Hall closings and selling of the local properties.

    He says: “I did not understand why such a beautiful Kingdom Hall would be closed. I felt hurt because we had recently renovated the hall. I am a carpenter, and I had built some of the new furniture. Also, the reorganization required many adjustments that were not easy for us older publishers.”

    Why would a newly renovated Kingdom Hall need to close after money was spent out of the local congregation's bank account?

    What helped Vlado to support the direction? He explains: “Adapting to changes made by Jehovah’s organization always brings blessings. These refinements are preparing us for even greater changes in the future.”

    Vlado never spoke these words. Watchtower Writing Committee made this up.

    Are you struggling with the adjustments that come with a congregation merge or an assignment change? Be assured that Jehovah understands your feelings. When you support such changes and loyally stick to Jehovah and the organization that he is using, you will surely be blessed.

    Jehovah is nowhere to be seen and heard. How are these congregation members blessed from the Society after they rehabbed their congregation with their own money? How is traveling further to attend a new congregation a blessing?

    Does anyone see a real estate scam? The Society is preparing all the members for more sell-offs and closings...all in the name of JEHOVAH!

  • Hellothere

    Happened in my work place also. Rumors of selling company. Higher ups telling everyone, just keep on working nothing gonna be sold( in JW land it's keep going too halls and donating). Some months after they sold company.

  • joe134cd

    DOZY: If Wt has a long term view. Selling KH, unless they otherwise been forced to, would be a very bad decision. The are already struggling with physical attendance with zoom. Creating a longer travel time will just aggravate the situation. If they go totally on line that will be the end of them. Or the end of the religion that I knew.

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