JWs, UFO's, demons, and the book "The Dark Gods"

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  • MikeHammer

    I have been looking into this issue that (many/most/all/etc) UFOs are caused by demons as seems to be said by JWs. Some time ago when I browsed this site I read a posting where someone recommended a book titled "The Dark Gods" by Roberts and Gilbertson (here is a link to the book at amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Dark-Gods-Anthony-Roberts/dp/009138771X).

    Besides that one there are a couple of other books that I have checked (one of these is "Operation Trojan Horse" by John Keel and the other one is "A Guide to the Paranormal" by Magnus Raven). Both of these say the same thing although they approach this issue from different directions.

    Looking at the Amazon reviews for "The Dark Gods" it looks like it also says the same thing but the book is out of print. So I was curious on if anyone would know what the authors based their conclusion on?

  • Xanthippe
    Care to summarise their conclusions?
  • MikeHammer

    Hi Xanthippe,

    a summary of "Operation Trojan Horse" by John Keel and "A Guide to the Paranormal" by Magnus Raven would be kind of like this:

    • Neither John Keel nor Magnus Raven explicitly explain how they drew their conclusions. However both seem to say the same thing about connections between demons and UFOs. Both explain different similarities between UFO events and paranormal events.
    • John Keel seems to believe both in the Bible (at least to some degree) and in human evolution (he does not seem to be a Christian but seems to think that Bible was written due to UFO activity). He refers to a lot of stories that he has collected since 1960's. Keel says about the UFOs are not what they are made to look like but are part of what he calls "Operation Trojan Horse".
    • Magnus Raven on another hand seems to refer mainly to the Bible, although he uses different translations. In fact the book by Raven does not contain a single external story; for explanations he only refers to the scriptures. Raven seems to be a Christian that believes in that a soon-coming end-of-the-world drives Satan and the demons and that these beings mislead humans to get them to waste their time (or that is at least one argument that he gives).
    • Both Keel and Raven say that the beings that are behind paranormal phenomena are also behind UFOs. Keel refers to these "ultraterrestials" (and also as "superior humanlike nonhumans"), Raven refers to them as "spirit beings".
    • Keel discusses only things around the connection between UFOs and demons, while Raven writes also about the connection to some cryptids, the background of demons and about death etc. Consequently Raven discusses this connection between UFOs and demons to a much smaller degree, while Keel devoted most of his book to this one subject.
    • Keel says that when a person really digs into the data about "alien visitors/gods" from ancient times, it becomes clear that their intention has been to deliberately convey certain impressions that they wanted humans to have. In order to convey these the aliens have been watching humans in order to be able to use "reference frames" that we can understand and accept. This is why in our age our reports about these experiences have involved aliens with high tech. He says that until 1848 the aliens constantly used a religious frame of reference. He refers to the tendency of aliens crashing as being part of a "artifact or hardware game" that they play with humans, and says that this game is fairly well known in the Irish fairy lore.
    • Keel says that those cases where an alien vessel has landed, all of them have taken place in a secluded spot with minimal amount of witnesses. He says that the apparent purpose of these has been only to advance the belief in a specific frame of reference, not to provide absolute proof that the frame of reference is authentic.
    • Both Keel and Raven refer to these beings as also being involved in phenomena such as poltergeists, possessions, and events that some people have experienced with Ouija boards. Keel writes about link between years that had an increase in reported paranormal phenomena (poltergeists and such) and years that saw an increase in reported UFO activity.

    By the way just a warning to sensitive people that at least one Amazon reviewer said he couldn't sleep for a week after reading the book by Keel. I think that is because of all the stories in it. The book by Raven does not really have external stories so it's actually not particularly spooky.

  • MikeHammer
    Anyway in reference to my original posting, I was curious on if anyone would know what the authors of "The Dark Gods" book based their conclusion on?
  • Saintbertholdt

    I do not know how the authors of "The Dark Gods" got to their conclusion but...

    Both UFO visitations and demonic visitations can be explained by the same phenomena:

    Paper: Sleep Paralysis, Sexual Abuse, and Space Alien Abduction


    Paper: Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Hallucinations during Sleep Paralysis: Neurological and Cultural Construction of the Night-Mare


    John Henry Fuseli - The Nightmare.JPG

    The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli (1781) is thought to be one of the classic

    depictions of sleep paralysis perceived as a demonic visitation.


  • dropoffyourkeylee
    Other than a few crackpots, I don't recall any JWs saying that UFOs were demons. There's always the loony ones, though. The books on the OP sound interesting, worth a look.
  • Xanthippe
    MikeHammer, I found this on goodreads.com. Don't know if the email still works but if it does you could ask him yourself.
    I am the co-writer of "The Dark Gods." I became a web designer after I became an author.

    I'm not sure now I believe everything I wrote. I am glad we got five stars.

    I now live in London.

    And I can be emailed by anybody who has read our book at:

    [email protected]

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,



    I will say this, the WTBTS printed an Awake or WT a couple of years ago, they basically paint the picture that an Alien invasion will never happen.

    Given their 100% failure rate for prophecy, we can count on Alien contact.

    Who knows, Aliens could be real. Perhaps other beings have been influencing or meddling with human affairs. Maybe they created us?


  • DarioKehl

    The point is, wt squelches any fun or enjoyment by discouraging imagination.

    ufo lore has now attained the level of romantic legend; it's apocryphal tales transcend borders. It piques the interest of young minds and lays the foundation for exploration.

    but the bOrg comes along & says, "nope. bad. unbiblical. stay focused on JW shit. and fuck your imagination--satan likes a daydreamer."

    The modern ufo mythos is bullshit, but it's also just another "frowned upon" thing by this miserable fucking cult--and THAT is what makes me angry.

  • MikeHammer
    Thank you Xanthippe, I will see if I can get some details from Geoff Gilbertson.

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