Cart witnessing! Dose this mean more accessibility to apostates?

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  • joe134cd

    I don't know if this has been talked about before but do you think that cart witnessing has made the R&F more accessible to apostates. Why I say this is because if you think of the D2D work the only way that I could make contact with a R&F member would be if they knocked on my door or I was fortunate enough to see them walking down the road, stopped them and began talking. If it was known that I was an apostate my address would be recorded and no further visits made.

    However with the carts it is a completely different story, and it is much harder to walk away particularly in a busy street in the full view of the public. They are easy to find as I just go to a train station. Unless they can remember me from the time before I can start afresh with a different approach. If they do remember me I just wait for a new person who dosnt. Now the emphasis on the cart is more on the public approaching them rather than them approaching the public has this also made them more vulnerable and accessible to apostates? Thoughts please.

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force
    That is a good point you are making, it actually allows us to prepare for a confrontation and give and anti-witness. And maybe wake one or the other up.
  • jookbeard
    very true , I've had numerous chats with them at the cart. from busy train stations and shopping areas in London to frequently speaking with them in my local town centre, although they know who I am now, I've spoken about subjects ranging from UN membership, to time of the end and the RC and continuing child abuse cover up , when they direct me to jwdotorg I always tell them that the strange thing is that their website doesn't mention those subjects, the R&F dubs would probably had no idea about these issues had they not seen me on these occasions, the absolute surprise on one guys face when I mentioned their UN membership was a picture.
  • sparrowdown

    Many of us here would be down as "do not calls" so yeah, the carts mean the JWs are more accessible to us.

    Maybe we'll be seeing motorized carts in the future -for fast getaways.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    My guess is that cart-Witnesses have been briefed to tell known apostates, "you know very well we can't speak with you - contact the elders if you wish to have any questions answered."

    According to the Org's inspired writings, "scripturally" it's wrong (and punishable!) for R&F J.W.'s to speak with ex-J.W.'s, but it's O.K. for elders to do so?

    Time to open your eyes and minds, friends.

  • piledriver

    dont you think that you give two much money .allready its just another way the wt organization works jesus's message is verbal comunication not illusions and images . god wants you to have faith in him allone not an organzation. run buy a man made buisness getting richer dictating how you got to turn your back on family or friends who cant conform to the devils work your paying the devils wages .just like the vatican bleeds their followers ie any religion that demands ,slavery, punishment and hypocracy is false

  • notjustyet

    Talked to several on a trip to Washington DC in the last year.

    I was not confrontational as I think that this would do more to drive them into the cult than to help them get out.

    If you research "Street Epistemology" as a FB group it can help you with how a conversation could proceed to get the person to think using the Socratic method.


  • Vidiot
    As I said in another similar thread, it's quickly reaching the point where trolly work - no matter how easy it is compared to door-to-door - will be avioded by all but the most hardcore JW loyalists.
  • eyeuse2badub

    Yes jw's now have much more access to apostates, O I mean ttatt. If we don't screw it up we can do a lot of good. I've been taking many candid, embarrassing pictures and videos of those 'supposedly' cart witnessing using my smart phone and then showing them to other jw friends and relatives. This has been pretty productive as many of my jw friends tell me that they don't want to get involved with the 'cart witnessing' at all.

    Being confrontational with the 'cart' witnesses, IMHO, is counter productive. Most of us here have no 'beef' with the rank and file witnesses. A confrontation usually puts them in full on cult mode and while you may win a battle, you lose the war!

    I use my 'watchtower training' and kindly ask a very short and simple question- and then move on. Logic and reason, which is all ttatt really is, may well win the day. Approaching "the carters" is either an opportunity for a public rant or a subtle nudge toward doubt.

    just saying!


  • cappytan
    We should publish a monthly list of suggested presentations and title the publication "Our Kingdumb Ministry."

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