Hidden history of the Watchtower religion

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  • minimus

    Excellent research!

    Regarding the eight who were never acquitted that the Society and researchers say were, can you prove that they were in fact never acquitted?

  • minimus

    The Society uses the word “exonerated “.

  • TerryWalstrom

    The Watch Tower directors were not 'found innocent' by the judge or a jury. If they had been, the word "acquittal" would apply.
    As to the word exonerated, the Directors were freed from prison until such time as a retrial took place. Instead of be recharged and retried for a verdict, the case wasn't brought forth. Consequently, with the old charge in limbo and no new charge moving forward, a state of imputed "exoneration" is what the WT is using to describe the outcome.
    In common parlance, if you are exonerated, the IMPLICATION is taken to mean "found not-guilty". They were not officially.

  • nateboussad

    The sad thing is, I"ve tried my whole life to talk to people of all religions and they’ve been patient and understanding and even admitted I’ve made good points. You people won’t give an inch even when you know I’m right because that would just be so bad. So detrimental to your beliefs. So why do I bother? Guess I won’t anymore. There. You’re rid of me. You can go back to your JW bashing in this forum with no JWs to set people straight on our beliefs. Just like you all like it.

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  • Finkelstein

    You people won’t give an inch even when you know I’m right because that would just be so bad.

    You come off just being spammer, your not into debate or discussion.

    Why Simon hasn't kicked you off this site is a puzzle ???

    Well Nate defend your knowledge of the JWS against many here that have spent decades as special pioneers ,elders etc.

    Your strong in " The Truth " aren't you ?

    You never know you might just receive new light or real honest truth what the bible says or what Jesus himself said for that matter.

    ......but then again you made a vow of loyalty to the WTS not with Jesus so that's understandable.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Thank you Terry. Being a born-in and now going on 65 i am still learning things about this cult I never knew. The only word that comes to mind is the word crazy. I was crazy for believing this stuff. Take care. Still Totally ADD

  • TerryWalstrom

    Our environment brings pressures and tests affecting our survival to which we respond. We must adapt somehow.
    At a particularly vulnerable time of my life, I needed what Jehovah's Witnesses were offering.
    Mind you--just a wee bit of it and certainly not ALL.
    Like a Venus Fly Trap...the nectar carried a heavy price.
    Instinctively we seek when we need. The raw materials of our experience provide
    only so much and no more.
    We each took what was there and paid whatever penalty came with it.
    In the case of JW's...we were devoured.

  • Finkelstein

    In the case of JW's...we were devoured

    True Terry we were also exploited, lied to and manipulated by the top leaders of the WTS.

    They themselves exploited the basic general public belief in the bible to serve their own means of cultivating power and wealth.

  • Bobcat


  • TerryWalstrom

    I was thinking about something concerning JW's who've been baptized within the last 25 years.
    I don't think they know or care about the nuts and bolts of this religion's origins.
    They only know a sanitized caricature offered in passing.

    My very own JW best friend (who knew almost everything about the history of the Watchtower) waved it all away airily. He dismissed "Everything that happened before 1919, I don't consider important."

    I said to him, "What if a German citizen said to you, 'Everything that happened before 1946, I don't consider important?"
    He was appalled at my exaggeration for effect.
    I told him, "You know exactly what I'm saying. Dismissing the origins of your religion says to me you can't face facts or make believable excuses. Think about that."

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