Hidden history of the Watchtower religion

by TerryWalstrom 42 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • TerryWalstrom
  • cofty

    Good stuff Terry.

  • jookbeard

    thanks for that Terry, never knew anything about this guy, clearly another Charlatan with his pal Russel

  • TerryWalstrom

    Crackpots are a dime a dozen, but I think we can all agree there is something ramped up about the sinister aspect of intellectuals with crackpot beliefs passing for great men of religious nobility.
    Intelligence is a two-edged sword.

  • EdenOne

    I was aware that Russel and Rutherford had borrowed a grat deal of their their distinctive theologies from other more obscure preachers, but you provided the big picture framework. Awesome job, very enjoyable, Terry.

  • TerryWalstrom

    Apparently, Holy Spirit was cheating on the WT!

  • Finkelstein

    Yes good work Terry , informative

    As I've mentioned a few times on this forum, the WTS leaders were first and foremost publishing charlatans who selectively created set doctrines to enhance the proliferation of the literature they published, Jah wasn't around supporting these false prophet charlatans by any stretch of the imagination.

    They coerced and manipulated people to be subservient and loyal to them nevertheless creating a highly controlling religious cult.

  • TerryWalstrom

    I recommend a NETFLIX documentary WILD WILD COUNTRY
    about a cult that goes into a tiny town in Oregon with a population of forty people. Then, overnight tens of thousands of followers in orange jumps suits show up.


  • Vidiot

    Theologians... conspiracy theorists... creationists...

    ...the Org has a long, proud history of cribbing from other sources.


  • OrphanCrow
    Vidiot: Theologians... conspiracy theorists... creationists...

    You forgot plagarists...snake oil salesmen...and liars

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