Do you know MORE about the bible NOW?

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  • stuckinarut2

    How many of us would confidently say that we know MORE about the bible now that we have ceased being JWs?

    I know that I was proud to say that I was a "serious Bible student" when a JW. We boasted about how much we learned each week, and how we shared bible truths with the community.

    But it's only after leaving, and REALLY delving into a broad range of research, that I realise how little I actually knew!

    Yes, we knew some cherry picked topics and sections...but were ignorant of many disturbing parts of the so called "holy word of God"

    Any thoughts on this?

  • dubstepped

    Oh yeah, I know way more now. I was so ignorant and pretty much just knew scriptures that were picked to support the JW narrative. I did always wonder why we bounced around the Bible so much.

    I remember reading things like what happened between Lot and his daughters and wondering why that never seemed to come up, lol. That one caught me by surprise.

  • Phizzy

    Without doubt my nearly six decades in the JW org taught me very little about the Bible, and taught me a lot that was not true about the Bible !

    I have learned a lot since, from the much respected ex-Poster on here Leolaia, from our still Posting and similarly respected Doug Mason, and from the books and sources they have recommended for reading.

    My conclusion is that the Bible writings are valuable as Tracts of their time, which spans many Centuries and cultural and religious influences. And of course, that it is not the word of god.

    As a J.W. I was abysmally ignorant of so much. We owe it to ourselves to self-educate when we leave, it takes a bit of effort, but is so worth it !

  • Crazyguy

    Oh hell yeah, after I woke up I studied like crazy. Found out I could destroy almost all of JWs doctrines using just the Bible. Memorized scriptures etc.. Before I woke I could not remember a scripture to save my life. I think I studied so much because I wanted to make sure I knew it wasn’t the truth and so I could defend my self from the scriptures if someone wanted to discuss some things.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I actually did know a lot of the bible. But that is because I read as if I were watching a movie. So I'd be able to recall events and people because it was like watching real life. The missing part would be that I didn't scrutinize the information or see the incongruities.

    Now I see it as a pretty good example of manipulation. Men are designated by God (just like Egyptian pharaohs were gods) to be the rulers over women (cause they were the source of all trouble) Makes it easy to win all arguments with that trump card. (hey does pres Trump use that?) It also validates wars, raping of the enemies females and subjugation of "enemies" and taking all of their resources. It has been used by Christendom, ISIS etc for those "rewards".

    It has allowed many to start a new business of religion because it's all about the "Holy spirit" giving you inspiration to start your own version of it.

  • blondie

    I know more now of the accurate information since the WTS uses many snippets instead of the whole scripture(s). For example, I did not notice that the phrase, governing body, does not occur in the bible not even at Acts 15. I pointed that out to an inactive jw and they disagreed until we looked up the scripture, it passed them by like it had me when I was a jw. Now I notice how many scriptures were adjusted by the WTS.

  • stuckinarut2

    Great comments. Thanks

    Yes, I am aware of so much more about the bible, its compilation, origin, writers etc than ever before.

    I am also so keen to use the very expression that the Society drummed into us: "When reading a section of 'God's word', ask yourself what does this teach me about Jehovah?"

    Well, I did that, and it taught me that "jehovah" is not a very nice entity at all!

    As you pointed out Dubstepped, that section about Lot (God's friend) is appalling!

  • smiddy3

    If I knew as much about the Bible as I do now ,from this and other sites I would never have joined the Watchtower religion of Jehovah`s witnesses when I did in 1960 and became baptized.

  • iwasblind

    I would agree Stuck

    It was the concept of Grace that first woke me up funnily enough.

    I have pages of notes of mis-translations and a bunch of doctrinal stuff.

    I have had a few witness knock on my door who don't know me, but I can't
    get too deep before they run for the hills.

  • Vidiot

    Oh, hell yes.

    It's amazing what you'll learn about the Bible when you're not required to read it through WT-colored glasses.

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