Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck,,,,do you care about them?

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    No, I don't particularly care about them.

    But J-Lo has a nice bottom.

    The One Move You Can Do to Get a Butt Like Jennifer Lopez

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who
    The Amazon River runs for thousands of miles. At some point it runs through areas in the rain forest that are barely explored. Because of the porous limestone in these areas, the river water leaks through the stone and travels deep into the earth, and forms underground pools almost a mile below the surface.

    Over thousands of years, small blind transparent fish have lived and evolved in these pools. These fish have never seen the sun or surface and have only been viewed through a camera lens. These fish care more about those idiots than I do.
  • minimus

    Yes! JJo has a great butt!

  • Jeffro

    Not remotely aware or concerned about what these particular celebrities are getting up to. But what is more concerning is that these kind of tabloid nonsense sources that spout this drivel, much of which is fabricated and replete with doctored images, are frequently the same outlets that many people turn to for actual 'news', the presentation of which is usually of equal 'quality'.

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