Whatever happened to Paula Combs AKA Sue Pamela Carne?

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    Thank you so much for your post, Corney. The background material is invaluable and now the events surrounding Carne/Combs make sense. I enjoyed reading the links you posted, Corney. (for anyone else who is interested, the first link to page 6 is wrong - it will take you to page 8. Just backtrack once you are there - Pamela Carne's story actually begins at the bottom of page 5)

    I can see how the Jehovah's Witnesses came to be mixed up with the Il'intsy in Russia. This is very interesting history. I have heard the JWs in Russia referred to as "Jehovists" and now I know how that term came about.

    Russia's history of sects and cults is fascinating. The Il'intsy are an interesting group and the confusion with JWs is understandable - they have a quirky blend of beliefs and practices that overlap the JW ways and beliefs at times but differ on others. The objection to military service is the same. Not pacifists per se, but no military allegiance to any world government.They do differ in their view of Christ - the Il'intsy are almost Gnostic and somewhat the same as the Dukhobors from Russia: the notion that each individual has "Christ" within.

    Thanks again Corney

  • OrphanCrow
    14. Soviet officials sometimes distinguished between Il’inists (Il’intsy) and what they dubbed Rutherfordists (Ruterfordisty) or Russelites (Russelisty), but in other instances they lumped them together as “Jehovists.”

    That could cause some confusion, I would think.

    This reminds me of the German Nazis who lumped all religious dissenters under the "purple triangle" category in the camps and then later, once there was financial compensation up for grabs, the WTS claimed all those purple triangles as their own when they weren't. The purple triangle group was comprised of Catholics, SDA, Baptist, Bible Students and Jehovah's Witnesses.

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