Why I like the Mormons and why they are so much nicer then the JWs.

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  • GoneAwol

    new boy, you've forgotten a small but nevertheless important point....

    All religion is man made bull.

  • punkofnice

    However thinly you slice it, it's still baloney.

    Not sure who said that...not gonna google it either.....that sums up my over all feelings about religion.

    I was listening to a radio show out of Nottingham this week end. there were some religious nuts where there should have been some good reggae music. One of the blokes was blathering on about how the 'most high' chose him to be an elder. the guy was clearly lacking braincells. He kept saying 'obviously' every other word. Someone even rang in and told him to stop saying 'obviously' but he didn't hear it.

    The show was hilarious because they were all so in earnest. As I got to near Grantham, the signal died and I had to change channels and listen to the crap they play on the radio. I had to suffer some crappy old pop music.

  • Vidiot

    I've said many times that the LDS is the WTS's weirder but nicer older cousin.

    (And that Scientology is its crazier and meaner younger cousin.)

  • new boy
    new boy

    Hey guys, chill out. I'm not going to join! I just like the fact if you leave them, you are not cut off from your family.

    Another way they beat the witnesses is they have always believed in higher education.

    There are both stupid religions! JWs are just stupider!

  • just fine
    just fine
    The LDS are more arrogant and even more oppressive to women. I know this from personal experience. I agree that many of them are asserting themselves as gods now instead of waiting for the next world.
  • pile2222
    I would NEVER EVER join any other religous organization! And especially the Mormons! They think that God started out as a human and that Jesus went to America! Come ON!??? WTH?!
  • Simon

    We know some Mormon families and they seem nice but I wonder how much you can ever really know what a faith like Mormonism or JWism is like until you have to live it.

    So much is about appearance and image.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    We had a client that is Mormon, guy wealked all over me for a couple years and short changed us on many an occasion. Loud mouthed son if a bitch, would never want to deal with him again.

    Towards the end what he did was withhold payment on past due invoices and then 'sell' us his 'customer' direct to wash the debt. All in all we lost about $10,000 over a five year period dealing with him. I was relieved when his regular Christian brother in law took over.

    I put up with it because of : 911 and the ensuing slowdown, the favorable US / Can exchange rate in our favor, a regular monthly blanket order AND because I was a Kool-Aid drinking JW trying to be patient, forgiving and would try to witness to him about the truth...

    Idiot I was, today we have waaay better customers because I put the required time into our business instead of being at endless meetings on how to wear little badges at assemblies.

  • JRK

    They are both still cults to be avoided.


  • Giordano

    My favorite Mormon joke:

    In my town we have JW's and Mormons. I was sitting on my porch and saw a couple of Mormons and a couple of JW's walking towards one another on the sidewalk. They stood face to face and one of the JW's said "we don't step aside for apostates!"

    "We do!" said the Mormon as they stepped around the JW's.

    That said they are both wackadoodle religions however one is far better educated then the other.

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