What Will Happen If You Do NOT Get The Covid Vaccinations?

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  • minimus

    Jeffro, toilet seats, faucets, door handles. I think you got the point or maybe you couldn’t.

  • Jeffro

    Yeah, the point is you imagine a virus that can be suspended in the air for hours instantly dies as soon as it touches a surface. 🤦‍♂️

  • Me.Wonderful

    The scientific community is pretty much in agreement that surface transmission is almost non existent. Good hygiene is great but it is not leading to any great reduce in cases. The problem is it has lead to something called the " hygiene theatre " , where some people believe they can outsmart the virus by simply being clean.

  • Jeffro
  • johnamos

    Of course surface transmission exist. Why do you think that on top of the six feet distance that they stopped shaking hands and went to stupid fist and elbow bumps. If it is on your hand and you touch your face you can get it. If it is on your hand and you shake someone's hand it can get on their hand and then when they touch their face they can get it. Hence, the not shaking hands and told to wash hands often. This has always been the known norm for all viruses and germs in general.

  • WokenfromJWcult

    If some chemical company can come with a luminol type spray to make the virus visible, they will own this world

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The virus can stay suspended in air particles because it typically gets there in bubbles of water that are warm and small enough not to land. On clean, dry surfaces, it dries out quickly and dies. On copper and copper alloy surfaces (most sanitary surfaces like drinking fountains and public bathroom sinks around here) it dies instantly.

    Also in the air, it often gets picked up and quickly redistributed, whereas on surfaces, it stays on surfaces unless someone aerosolizes it.

    Hence why surface transmission is not an issue, but air-to-air can be depending on the environment. Air-to-air transmission where lots of people share moist, room temperature air (eg. shared heating ducts) is the primary vector at this point for the virus besides direct transmission from person to person. Hence why lockdowns of parks and beaches and outside dining are counterproductive, because they force people inside.

    If you are vaccinated, you have nothing to worry about, if you're under the age of 35, you have nothing to worry about, if you share a room with vaccinated, you have nothing to worry about. If you're between the ages of 35 and 65 you have a minor risk of getting non-life threatening sickness. If you are otherwise immunocompromised, your mileage may vary. If you're over the age of 80, you will die soon anyways, but you should be careful.

  • Jeffro

    On copper it’s less than four hours. But on stainless steel and plastic, both of which are common on plumbing fixtures and many handles or utensils for other purposes, it can be up viable up to a couple of days if in a humid environment that doesn’t dry out quickly.

    So the take-away message is to get vaccinated.

  • minimus

    But even if you are vaccinated, you may touch a handle and still get it. I believe some people will always think they will get sick. I know of someone who has gotten tested at least a half dozen times and is always convinced that she will get sick and stays away from people as much as is possible. She and her husband who are in their thirties got vaccinated and less than 2 months later both got Covid. Maybe they touched some copper and quickly got the virus. I swear some people love this .

  • Jeffro


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