What Will Happen If You Do NOT Get The Covid Vaccinations?

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  • minimus

    We are encouraged to all, if possible, get the vaccinations. If you don’t, we are told that we definitely could get the virus. Fair enough.

    But what happens if you decide you aren’t going to get the shots? Will you eventually get the virus or a variant or are you more likely simply not going to get it??

  • FedUpJW

    The jab is the "new" way to control the population. Those who decline to get it will be shunned, fired from their jobs, marginalized as anti-vaxxer crack-pots, likely denied medical treatment for any illness or accident, and ridiculed in public. Already in my area of the U.S. there is a local television channel that is posting the name and photo of at least two people who have declined the jab, with the scrolling banner at the bottom of the screen advising that "some misinformed people are not getting the jab for 'false propaganda' reasons.''

    Personally I will still be waiting for quite some time before willingly submitting to the de-population jab.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    What Will Happen If You Do NOT Get The Covid Vaccinations? - nothing should happen.

    If you refuse the jab, you live or die by your own decision.

  • ThomasCovenant

    '' If you don’t, [get the vaccination] we are told that we definitely could get the virus.''

    Yes maybe, but also, we are told that if you do get the vaccination we still definitely could get the virus as I haven't seen any claims for 100% immunity from getting the virus after being vaccinated.

    I thought the purpose of getting vaccinated was to reduce the odds on catching the virus in the first place and also lessen the odds of being seriously ill with it if you do catch it and thus reducing any burden on the hospital system.

  • Simon

    Yes, you can get the virus whether you are or are not vaccinated.

    What changes with the vaccine is how likely you are to get it and how likely you are to have to be hospitalized if you do.

    Ultimately, it lowers your chance of infection, hospitalization and death.

    It does not absolutely guarantee that you won't get it, go to hospital or die.

    It's not complicated!

  • iXav

    that is why it is still recommended to take precaution even after you have been vaccinated, you can still get sick

  • pistolpete

    I never got the vaccine and neither did any of my workers.

    All of us got Covid and were sick for a day or two at the most. By sick I mean we got the sniffles and a slight headache. Blood test confirmed it.

    The result---------------We got the antibodies from Covid----NATURALLY!

    As a side point my doctor said that the test for someone who had COVID-19, derived from community spread or close contact, is different than the test given to a vaccinated person who has not had COVID-19.

    I'm not sure if I understand this correctly, perhaps some here might know. My question; does that mean that if you got a vaccine and get a blood test, you won't show any antibodies???????

  • LV101


    Some vax stations are being closed end of month or in May. Demand is falling per the negatives unless this is hype. Less than 28% of the country has been vax'd and per Principia Scienfitic Intl - a science based community, Pfizer vaccine has three times more deaths than AstraZeneca.

    Info off of a channel on telegram. Some good info to read from Dr. Michael Yeadon, formerly of Pfizer. So much to consider one's head spins after awhile.

    Link probably doesn't work but info is all over telegram on one popular channel - possibly more. This "bl" publication might have all the info on their site.

  • LV101

    FedUpJW - yes - true re/employment. Agriculture is pressurizing all the hispanic filed workers be vaccinated. I know employees own the LV strip who are caving and being vaxed. They're tired of being Covid tested twice a week. One is sick as a dog from the jab.

    Hearing couple casinos/hotels look like pre-covid - long lines to check in (no social distancing but all wearing masks) and long lines to eat in restaurants, snack bars. Unemployment and hand outs so good no one wants to work. I think most are in fear of contacting the Rona - just my opinion. I'm noticing food places begging for employees all over the valley.

    Not good what a couple of virologists are shouting out - hopefully, they're radically wrong.

    Check out MIT report re/social distancing/masks. Ay yi yi.

  • minimus

    The newest decree from the Massachusetts Governor, because of people taking the vacs the state is reopening totally by August 1. Meanwhile you don’t have to wear an outdoor mask if you have been vaccinated and still maintain social distancing. Of course I don’t know how people will know if you are massless and have not been vaccinated.

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