Cart Witnessing On Their Wedding Day

by pale.emperor 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • nowwhat?

    I've seen the singing literature cart, I can't believe they can now perform wedding ceremonies!

  • WingCommander
    Georgian man needs sexxxx with hot Russian voman, not peekture with kult kart!!! Pass me da vodka Natasha, then unndress in front of me vile I drink. Kart, you vatch from over dere......dats right, take it alllll offfff sweet Georgian Peech!!! Vat did you say cart? Vat did you say? Shud up!! I am man of dis house! I vill sexxx up my fresh young bride any vay she vants it! If you stigg your metal leg near us again, I vill send you to live with my Aunt Helga in Pripyat! You vill be used to cart out around radioactive potatoes, you peeze of shite!! Niyaaaah!
  • jambon1

    Crazy bastards.

  • tiki

    She is a beautiful girl.....I agree it was just someones loony idea...hope they have a happy life together....

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